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Zak Catchem explains why talent and hard work are two sides of the same coin


These days, it is tough to be just being talented at something. Even the best businesses suffer from extreme competition. It becomes all the more important for individuals to work hard on their dreams and not just rely on talent. According to Zak Catchem, creator of the YouTube channel “Catch ‘em all Fishing,” talent is a great gift and can be the cornerstone of any great business. However, talent is not unique as other people might have it too and therefore it becomes necessary to work hard to make your talent worthwhile.

“There are always skillful people who live by their skills and wits. Talented folks often fail to impress because they become lazy and fail to understand the importance of practicing their talent. Even the greatest entrepreneurs in the world work hard to achieve their goals,” says Zak Catchem. He believes that talent requires careful nurturing so that it can bloom.

Catchem started his YouTube career after he was tired of hearing that fishing is “for old people.” He decided to prove them wrong by educating his followers on the adventurous aspects of shore-based fishing. He even got people excited about fishing near shores with or without a boat. In the past, Zak Catchem has been part of the TV show Louisiana’s Swamp People for three seasons and has also participated on a spin-off show. His YouTube celebrity status earned him guest appearances on various other shows. “I am all about hard work. I worked as much as I could to make the right connections to take my channel to great heights. Fortunately, it has succeeded,” said Zak.

Zak Catchem’s endeavors have inspired a whole new generation of YouTubers. Currently, he is working on his own TV Show, which he hopes will inspire others to find their passion and work hard to achieve it.

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