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Myles Kronman: How Model House LA helps create relationships that yield growth opportunities


Unique and original ideas are critical for growth in the internet age. However, with so many platforms and channels constantly streaming their content and sharing people’s ideas, it’s become unusual to come across concepts that seem entirely authentic or innovative. Yet, Myles Kronman gave reality to a unique and original vision when he founded Model House LA. An exclusive collaboration between creative minds that links the power of influencers and brands, Model House LA is creating relationships that generate endless growth opportunities for both parties involved.

Influencers and content creators often struggle to make genuine connections and lasting relationships beyond one-off collaborations or one-time mentions. Myles Kronman shares that Model House LA helps in building long-lasting relationships that combine the powers of creators to offer brands boundless opportunities for growth. Since its inception, the agency has established itself as a one-stop shop that combines individual talents to create unique content. This all-inclusive approach to influencer and affiliate marketing by Myles Kronman is changing how brands discover creators and how creators relate to each other.

Kronman makes it clear that Model House LA is a close-knit community, where instead of competing with each other, the creators collaborate and help each other to grow, no matter what their discipline or strength is. Speaking of how Model House LA creates constructive relationships between creators, Kronman says, “We promote the benefits of working together, and within our eclectic community, influencers discover the power of creating and thriving with others. The results are naturally one-of-a-kind.”

Myles Kronman comes from an educational background in economics and finance and has long nurtured a keen interest in digital growth hacks. This interest led Kronman to co-found a digital marketing agency at the height of his power and popularity as a digital PR. From the vantage of digital marketing, he saw an untapped niche, one that could harness the combined creativity of influencers to fuel innovative growth. The business matchmaking opportunities that Model House LA generates between creators and brands today prove the power of well-cultivated relationships and collaborations in the internet age.

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