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How Civy C-del rose to fame in a short period of time


Hip-hop has evolved over the past few decades in style and lyrics thanks to a fresh crop of creative music artists and composers who have stepped forward to bring a zing to the usual proceedings. Musicians are no longer willing to stick to the traditional style to woo listeners. One such creative hip-hop artist is Civy C-del. While his sound is reminiscent of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, all of his work is original.  He has been storming digital platforms with his unusual style, which has created quite a buzz among listeners.

Civy C-del, a Canadian hip-hop artist, singer, and songwriter hailing from Toronto, Ontario, has risen to fame within a short period. His love for music since childhood gave birth to his creativity. Raised by a single mother, Civy C-del often traveled to New York and New Jersey when he was young. Different cultures, people, and life experiences shaped his creative skills to make him the hip-hop savior that everyone considers him now.

Civy C-del is popular among his fans for his witty lyrics, towering confidence, and gritty attitude. He strives to create futuristic hip-hop that follows an uncommon pattern and style. This unusual melody of his music composition and presentation has set him apart from other music artists. Civy C-del follows a style that is a combination of J.Cole’s storytelling art and The Notorious B.I.G’s unpredictable technique. His fans consider this unusual creativity as inspirational.

He started his journey as a hip-hop artist in 2016 when he released his first mixtape, “My 2 cents”. It was a compilation of songs that Civy C-del recorded when he was just 16 years old. The project earned a huge response from his listeners, earning him an opportunity to earn the assistance of Cash Money Record A & R for his next independently released project. He worked under the label for his next project, “The Civilian,” in the same year.

He has recently released his follow-up, “The Civilian 2” which is a continuation of his earlier project. Although Civy C-del named this project in continuation with “The Civilian,” he believes the two are nothing alike. He worked hard on this project to present something unique and more energetic to his fans. This is a nine-song play record that Civy C-del hopes will earn an overwhelming response among hip-hop enthusiasts. More information about his new project is available on his official website.

Civy C-del can set the stage on fire at any event. His energetic stage presence and capability to groove the audience landed him several popular events across Greater Toronto. Some of his major events include a televised showcase at The Hard Rock Café and several other underground hip-hop shows throughout the city. His popularity among his audience and fans is evident in his social media accounts in SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram, which have garnered millions of followers. Many refer to him as a “young Kendrick Lamar.”

Civy C-del has a bursting schedule for the year 2021 with several upcoming shows in North America. He is confident he will be able to live up to the expectations of his fans in the coming years.

Considering his success and popularity over the last few years, it is evident Civy C-del has more in store for music enthusiasts. He is one of those hip-hop artists who is taking on the responsibility of reviving the music for generations to come.