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Bastiaan Slot on Chasing Inspiration


Very few people go from bagging groceries with $0.21 in their bank account to making over $400,000 a month with a 75% profit margin in 700 days. And even fewer people do this at the age of 23 years. Yet, Bastiaan Slot has managed to achieve both feats. He credits his success to chasing inspiration, but today, he himself is an inspiration to many.

In 2019, Bastiaan Slot worked at a discount grocer while studying up management between stocking shelves. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, Bastiaan soon went on to found Millionaire Consulting, a company that offers one-to-one training programs to help people start their own coaching businesses. It offers a comprehensive 90-day program that includes marketing, sales, delivery, mindset, and teambuilding training. The name of this program is based on the 6 to 7-figure revenues people can expect to see upon completion of Bastiaan Slot’s comprehensive mentorship.

What sets Millionaire Consulting apart is its hands-on approach to every client. Bastiaan realized there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so he personalizes training to fit individual needs. So far, he has helped hundreds of startups bring in $10,000 a month, if not more, while six former clients are now millionaires. In regard to Bastiaan Slot’s own success, he views his earnings as a reflection of how many people he is serving and the impact he has on their lives.

Bastiaan believes money does not buy happiness and it should not be a person’s core goal. Though he has achieved a hefty pay increase since working at a grocery store, Bastiaan remains authentic and down-to-earth in his attitude. He is also very generous and finds purpose in serving people. He used his good fortune to allow his father to retire and then bought him the watch of his dreams, plus threw one in for his stepmother too.

Crediting a relentless mindset, taking responsibility for his life, and removing toxic elements for his success, Bastiaan Slot let his goals inspire him to become the powerhouse he is today. This energy is the driving force behind a business that is making waves and changing lives.