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Robby Clark Shares Insights On The New Era Of Media And Its Evolution


Today’s world is surrounded by and reliant on media. The media industry’s evolution has however been laden with several concerns and issues. Nonetheless, the advancement of communications technology has made it easier for people today to find more information than past generations. At the touch of a button, viewers are able to watch almost anything, skip advertisements, and record programs of interest. Content is increasingly becoming the medium of sale, and it will become more widespread as time goes on due to this tremendous paradigm shift. We met Robby Clark, a real estate investor and entrepreneur, and here he shares his views on the media industry’s evolution.

According to Robby Clark, we can’t envisage a world without media. “The media is the most powerful industry in the business world, selling time and space on a variety of platforms. It also has a big influence on how people think and act in a society,” he states. The growing access to and application of new technologies begs the question: How did we get here?

Clark goes on to say that the unrestricted flow of information is also changing. “Earlier, the main interest was the desire to communicate and have access to information; now, we are seeing issues such as privacy, quality, and bias being thrown at the media on a regular basis.” Similarly, the new conduit for advertising in digital media is getting narrower as it moves closer to the point of purchase. In the age of blogs and social media, transactional business activity is becoming the content itself. According to Clark, to establish a niche in the media sector, one must use content to reach a larger audience, while keeping in mind that media mirrors and imitates society.

Clark also points out that given the way consumers interact with media, the sector is unlikely to go out of business. More opportunities are being created as a result of the digital transformation. He notes that even in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has relied on ingenuity to adapt and survive.

Clark further elaborates, “From content to gadgets, production, cultural connotation, and consumer practices, media as a multidimensional tool has managed to reconstruct relationships at diverse levels. In the past, such transformation was hard to achieve. A typical person found it difficult, if not impossible, to coordinate in a free and independent manner.”

Even for businesses, the new media era is a game-changer. As a successful entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of SID Developments, Robby Clark believes that despite the revolution, the industry still has needs that can be addressed and capitalized on for everyone’s benefit.