Bun Bydaway Talks About the Future of Live Concerts and Performances in a Post-Pandemic World


Live music events and concerts were restricted during the pandemic, like most other sources of entertainment. So, businesses and artists chose the other option – live streaming. Commenting on what’s next for the live music industry, A-list music A&R and eminent entrepreneur Bun Bydaway said that live streaming of music events and concerts is here to stay.

Not only does live streaming provide a safe way for fans to enjoy their favorite music, it also makes the event accessible to a whole new group of audience. People, who earlier could not attend events for various reasons, like living in a different country, can readily access live streams.

Bun Bydaway says, “Viewers are still paying and we’re making profits. What’s better is that we’ve been able to expand our audience base too.” He further says that although the feeling of being right in front of your favorite band or performer is unmatched, the live streamed events are quite thrilling too. “We can innovate more and make the events interesting through technology. There have been events where brands are advertising and more events that donate to charities or promote them. All these make live events an excellent way to reach audiences even after the pandemic,” Bun mentioned.

Talking about resuming the live events, Bun Bydaway says, “I sure hope they start soon. I miss the energy of live events.” He stresses that even when the situation is controlled enough to have a live concert, people will still need to follow safety precautions like social distancing and wearing masks. The events would initially have to have a limited number of in-person attendees. Along with a live concert, he believes that a live stream of the performance would become almost compulsory.

It is also interesting to know that Bun is an ace poker champion who has won several tournaments. Today, his net worth is $8 million, which makes his journey quite impressive. He believes that technological innovation will take live streaming to the next level in the coming years. According to him, what we are witnessing now is the beginning of a digital music revolution.