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Sabrina Bradley: Building a successful brand through social media takes a lot of grit


Social media is nowadays one of the most common ways to get noticed by potential customers. Some people think that running a successful Facebook or Instagram account is easy, since they have their own personal accounts. However, influencers like Sabrina Bradley know that building a successful brand through social media takes a lot of grit, and you always have to be trying new things while learning to adapt.

Sabrina Bradley is a skincare specialist and esthetician. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field, and has developed her own line of skincare products called SKINbySabrina. She currently has over 30,000 followers on Instagram, and she largely credits these social media numbers for her success. “I knew that people needed to have a way to find me and my amazing products,” Bradley said. “It’s no longer enough to put your products up on your website and hope for sales to come in. You have to be proactive.” This encouraged her to start her own Instagram account. While she initially loved connecting with people from all around the world, her target audience is mainly people living in Los Angeles, California. These individuals could book appointments with Sabrina in person, which makes it much more likely that they’ll find the skin care that’s right for them. This was great for a while, but she soon realized that she needed to expand. “Once I got SKINbySabrina off the ground, I knew I could sell it to people everywhere. I expanded my target audience to people all over the world. That’s what helped make my Instagram so successful.” Some of Sabrina’s most successful posts are before and after photos of her clients’ skin. It shows how well SKINbySabrina products work, and increases her credibility. In addition, Bradley posts photos of herself, general wellness tips, and inspirational quotes. “I can’t just post about my skincare brand 24/7. I need to make it fun to follow me on Instagram. I’ve found things that my clients like in addition to skin care, and I use them to build familiarity.”

While skin care is Sabrina’s passion, she didn’t always have a chance to pursue it. She was adopted, and she put a lot of her energy when she was younger into finding her biological parents. “It felt like a need to me. I wanted to know where I came from.” It was actually Bradley’s skincare brand that led her to her mother. She found Sabrina’s practice online one day and called. “It was the best surprise, and it made everything I’ve done in my career worth it.” Although Bradley has fallen out of touch with her mother due to her mom’s problems with drug addiction, she still is so glad that she finally found closure. Growing your Instagram presence is one of the most important things that you can do as a business owner. If you need some inspiration for your page, check out Sabrina Bradley’s account on the site for tips.