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What Makes Blue One Irresistible to the Hampton Elites


It’s natural to come back to a store that sells high-quality products and one whose owners treat you as if you are their family member. You feel welcome the moment you enter their store. You don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on their products because of the entire experience. Most customers will say the same thing about their favorite store. You wouldn’t expect to enter a store and leave with new friends, but that’s precisely what you’ll experience in Blue One. Jarret and Crystal value each of their customers, which is why they take the extra mile to provide them with a stellar shopping experience.

Making customers feel at home

For Jarret and Crystal, their customers mean everything. They ensure that you get a homely experience whether you are buying online or from their physical store. There’s no doubt that their products are top-notch. But it’s their customer service that makes people come back to Blue One every time. They extend this approach to their social media pages, ensuring that they respond to all customer queries they receive on Facebook and Instagram.

According to Crystal, once you buy from Blue One, you become a part of their big family. She says, “We love and respect each customer equally. It doesn’t matter whether you walk into our store in Hamptons or buy online; we take every step to make you feel at home.”

One of the customers said, “We’ve known Jarret and Crystal since 2007. They never fail to wish us on our birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year. Crystal even asks whether we are doing alright once in a while. We never expected that a visit to their boutique to buy a handmade soap in 2007 would turn into such a sweet bond over the years.”

High-quality merchandise

Apart from customer service, Blue One also maintains its reputation of providing high-quality merchandise. From clothes to décor items, you can’t find a flaw in anything that the couple sells. Their consistent quality was one of the reasons Hampton’s elites started purchasing from their store. Even NYC elites showed interest as word spread, and a chunk of the population is now in the site’s permanent customer section.

Jarret, in an interview, said, “When we started Blue One in 2007, we made a promise that we would never compromise on product quality. We can survive by making small profits but not with a tarnished reputation. Crystal and I both agree with the fact that people don’t mind spending money on premium products. And we have maintained that reputation of selling premium products ever since 2007.”

Anyone who has bought even a small product from Blue One will agree that they can’t find anything to complain about regarding the store. Some customers express their happiness by arranging cruise tours in $100,000,000 yachts and private plane trips to various parts of the world.

Crystal and Jarret are setting an example as to how you should run a luxurious boutique. Their consistent eagerness to improve their customer service makes them one of Hampton’s and NYC’s best entrepreneurs.