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Why Leading Celebrities and Hollywood A-Listers Swear by Effy Jewelry


From the red carpet to Grammys, many Hollywood stars have been spotted wearing Effy Jewelry. The leading retailer expands to more than 100 cruise ships with unique and finely structured jewelry.

Founded in 1979 in New York City, the company was envisioned to provide ornaments and accessories that suit the glamorous outfits of women entrepreneurs and celebrities. The chief executive officer (CEO), Mr. Effy Hematian, ensures the jewelry emits a classy signature style.

Arriving in the USA with a suitcase and a dream, Mr. Effy established himself over the years. He stands as the best example of hard work and passion. With over 40 years of experience, he trains and oversees his team regularly.

Currently, the retailer designs thousands of sets per year. Every year a new set is launched consisting of high quality and splendid patterns. Expansion of Effy Jewelry continues to ports of the Caribbean Sea and Alaska. Because of the company’s exceptional craftsmanship,  fine trend-defining jewelry sets are showcased and conceptualized.

Being the conqueror of the fashion industry, Effy Jewelry widely serves the US. These quality-tested accessories are hand-picked by the most talented artisans and A-list celebrities. Each piece is created to resonate with the artists’ characteristics and intensify his personality with every detail added diligently.

Together, Mr. Effy Hematian and his son Bobby Hematian, the company’s current president,  have managed to base their offerings top that of the panther. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds are featured in their accessories.

A large portion of the workforce consists of women executives and leaders. Mr. Effy focuses on colors that are set to contrast with their wardrobe.

Effy Jewelry specializes in producing clear, well-defined jewelry worn by thousands of American artists and A-listed celebrities. Headquarters are situated in New York.

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