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5 Pro Tips by Severine Keimig on Dealing with Rejection to Improve Yourself


Rejections are an integral part of every success and there is no room to escape them in your life. People need to use the rejections as stairs to success. Severine Keimig is one such excellent example because she has dealt with a lot of rejections but never lost the enthusiasm.

Severine Keimig is a full-time model from Germany. She entered into modeling in 2014 totally by accident. As a professional model, she has faced many tough situations, rejections, failures, and ups and downs, but she never gave up and has continued with her head up to achieve her life goals.

Here are 5 pro tips by Severine for dealing with all rejections and improve yourself:

First, remember that you’re unique and nobody is like you, reiterates Severine. Being original means that you are the only one like you on this planet, so use it as a superpower to win in every field.

Second, when you face rejection, take a step back and try to understand why rejection happened. It will help you in preparing yourself better next time.

Next, just take some time to control your emotions. Not all rejections are bad – try to use another opportunity.

When you face a failure, spend more time with people you love. Surrounding yourself with your family and friends will help you forget the rejections and fix the bad vibes.

Last but not the least, never give up. Don’t let one rejection stop you from being a better version of yourself.

Severine Keimig is soon to launch her self-improvement journal “Abundance Life League,” which intends to teach people how to live happy and healthy lives and achieve their personal goals by setting the right mindset.