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Brandon Rangel lists three reasons why performance is contagious


Top performance is the key to success. We are all working towards our best and attaining goals, whether they be personal or professional, and performance plays an integral part in that. As leaders, we have to ask ourselves what type of environment am I creating, and am I positively motivating others? Performance is contagious, and Brandon Rangel shares the three main reasons why and how we can promote that to our best ability.

Brandon has launched multiple businesses and inspired countless individuals to work at their highest and best level. “What I’ve learned through fostering environments where performance was the top priority is that your efforts multiply naturally,” explains Brandon. “Performance replicates itself simply due to human nature, and leaders must take steps to optimize that.”

1​. People are naturally competitive

“​When others see how well you or their team members are performing naturally, they want it too,” states Brandon. “We are all competitive to a certain degree. But, deep down, we all want to be the best, so performance inspires others by tuning into their competitive nature.”

2​. Lead by example

“​If the boss doesn’t take their own performance seriously, no one else will,” explains Brandon. “You cannot drive your team into the ground by taking credit for their accomplishments. Instead, you must lead by example, showing them what performance looks like and giving them the full recognition and satisfaction of everything they’ve worked hard to earn.”

3​. It sparks empowerment

“​Top performers will often empower others by helping their team members see what they are capable of,” believes Brandon. “It sparks this empowerment from within, showing others what is possible when they take their performance seriously.”

Performance is a group effort, and when we give it the ability to spread like wildfire, the sky’s the limit. Pushing its contagious nature is just one way to replicate the best traits of others while meeting organizational goals and moving one’s career or personal life to the next level.