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DaReal Media Lists 3 Ways Artists Can Make the Most Out of Social Media


YouTube is a wonderful platform and launchpad for aspiring artists hoping to make it into the industry. But while these artists are busy creating engaging video content and gathering subscribers, they often overlook the potential of other social media platforms. DaReal Media is a digital agency that helps influencers and artists monetize their passion and reach new levels of success within their industry by harnessing the power of social media. We reached out to the Founder of DaReal Media to discover ways that artists can use social media to rise up and make an impact. Below are DaReal Media’s top three tips for artists to make the most out of social media.

Build your personal brand.

“Your personal brand is the digital identity that you use to engage with followers and build your presence online,” explained DaReal Media’s Founder. “Creating a recognizable persona that can share your talent and promote your strengths is essential in the social media age. You can quickly dominate the digital space by utilizing each social media platform to build your unique identity as an artist. Moreover, your personal brand is not only essential for connecting with your followers, but it’s also crucial for networking with peers and leaders within your industry.”

Host Live Q&A’s. 

Offering fans and followers the chance to personally reach out to online creators allows them to have a tantalizing peek behind the curtains and deepen their connection with the creators. “By hosting weekly or monthly live Q&A sessions, you can strengthen your bond with your audience and exponentially expand your brand,” said DaReal Media’s Founder. “Instagram Live is one feature that has been helping artists skyrocket in popularity by simply giving their followers the chance to have a direct link with them.”

Offer giveaways.

“Whether you offer your followers a chance to win personalized merch, or you take part in a cross-promotion with another artist or brand, giveaways help you stand out on people’s feeds,” explained the man behind DaReal Media. “Giveaways and promotions are an easy way to build your follower base and kickstart engagement and awareness. Asking your followers to like and share posts will quickly enhance your online presence. Cross-promotions like loop-giveaways can also link you up with similar artists and give you access to a brand-new follower base.”

The possibilities that social media platforms offer artists are limitless according to DaReal Media. If you want to dominate the digital space, then all you need is to harness the power of social media and build a unique personal brand that knows no bounds.