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Marshall Mosher Shares His Mantra For Success in 2021 and Beyond


In the last year, everyone needed to re-evaluate their success journey and adjust a couple of things. According to Marshall Mosher, though many things have stalled, 2020 provided a unique opportunity to plot a new course for 2021 and beyond. This is in addition to tightening screws on wagons that will push you forward.

Marshall Mosher is the founder of Vestigo, a virtual reality company that has helped clients such as Microsoft, Home Depot, and EY take their leadership to the next level. Marshall, through Vestigo, is revolutionizing the virtual reality adventure space through digital recreations of the world. These environments are set up to train teams to foster teamwork and leadership skills.

The world has been grappling with a pandemic for more than 16 months. Marshall Mosher used this time to reinvent his 2021 journey and beyond. Marshall notes that the post-pandemic world will have more space for virtual reality adventures for corporations than it did before. This is due to the change in behavior that the pandemic has set off.

With this in mind, Marshall has recalibrated his mantra to reflect innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and adventure. Marshall is very adventurous, interested in sports such as scuba diving, mountain biking, and more. He has proven adaptable through his capability to fit into situations and make the best of them.

According to Marshall Mosher, 2021 and beyond will entail pushing limits and challenging himself to achieve more. Marshall teaches what he believes in and does. With a mindset on helping people scale new leadership heights within organizations, he has crafted virtual adventure experiences for remote teams. He also champions effective communication, especially when teams are under pressure. This also forms part of his new mantra.

Through his mantra, Marshall wants to take Vestigo to the next level by challenging himself to implement better teamwork, foster effective communication, and deliver on human connections that people have missed for over a year.