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According to Total K9, A Protection Dog is a Perfect Addition to Any Family


Humans and dogs, although placed far away from each other in the evolutionary chain, have found common ground in love and companionship. Today, most families look forward to adopting dogs to find true friendship and also for protection. Total K9 is a group of big canine lovers who specialize in training canines to become family protection dogs or working dogs. Here’s why they believe that a protection dog is a perfect addition to your family.

At the helm of Total K9’s operations is Robert Cammish, an approved NASDU Trainer who is both passionate and professional when it comes to training dogs. Talking about his method, he says, “At the core of it all is true love and respect. Dogs are an intelligent species, and when trained well, their core instinct can be groomed and honed for the benefit of the owner. For me, choosing a family protection dog is a matter of priority. As a father myself, I know how comfortable I feel knowing that my family is safe when my trained dog is at home with us.”

Total K9 leaves no stone unturned to develop the perfect protection dog. Right from acquiring and nurturing only world-class bloodlines to working with each dog individually, it helps you find protection dogs that understand their job and their duty toward their family. Dogs are naturally protective of humans. We all have seen how our furry friends come to our rescue whenever they feel we are under threat. However, what sets a protection dog apart is its natural strength and vigor which Robert and his Total K9 team pay extra attention to.

If your family’s safety is your priority, then you must invest in a protection guard that can rise to the occasion whenever the need arises.