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Per Wally Sajimii, Digital Literacy & Workplace Inclusion are the foundation stones of Success


Wally Sajimi, founder of Nietzsche Labs and cofounder of Endorsify firmly believes in the power of digital literacy and workplace inclusion to create a better world for all.

To be digitally literate today is the least that people expect out of one another. It’s what most employers automatically expect from their employees. Although the quality of digital literacy varies across social strata, it has become inevitable for one to be well-versed in social media, online marketing, content creation, online payment gateways, and creative platforms. While it’s a good idea to engage with a proper course to hone one’s ability, one can also learn ample amounts about the internet from the internet itself. People who know the value of skills use their time to acquire all kinds of digital skills by watching YouTube programs on the subject and, in turn, learn about their strengths and weaknesses. This shapes their confidence and personality, and ups their value in the eyes of potential employers.

Wally is also a proponent of workplace inclusion. He says, “You easily learn more and tap into different communities when you have a diverse team around you.” 2021 is a time of collective growth. People who were overlooked are bringing new perspectives to their work that have the potential to revive brands like never before. Workplace camaraderie is capable of seeping into the culture of the world at large. Since work is the best measure of character, our offices are the best place for us to know each other’s skill set and earn and give genuine respect. It’s hard to let go of old prejudiced ideas, but the power of efficiency can upturn the most concrete ideas and open doors for original modes of behavior.

Indeed, with faith in human goodwill and in our ability to choose communication over conflict, many odds can be made even.