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HighKey Party: One Yacht Party, Two Mansions, and Three Brothers Making Waves in Miami


HighKey’s entrance into live events began on June 5th with their first-ever yacht party. The exclusive event took place on three yachts, tied together and featuring exclusive musical performances. Then, as if a celebration on the water wasn’t extravagant enough, the Lintz brothers (Jordan, Luke, and Jackson) took the party to a mansion the following night.

The next weekend, the Lintz brothers did it again—a second mansion party within a week, on June 12th. They have already begun planning the third mansion party, but the specifics have not been locked in yet.

Mansion Party Number One

The first mansion party was such a success that a second one soon followed, and a third one is being planned. In addition, live events for HighKey seem to be increasing brand exposure and even helping increase awareness of the company’s clients.

Robby Clark and Dylan Suitor sponsored the first mansion party, which accommodated approximately 300 to 400 guests throughout all three floors of the mansion. Live performances were provided by Rich the Kid, Blueface, and DDG. DJs who performed also included celebrity DJ Dzeko, DJ Ralphy (Rich the Kid’s DJ), DJ Christian, and DJ ACX MONEY.

Many high profile guests attended, including the top actor from the television show “Too Hot To Handle,” Harry Jowsey, and singer Trey Songz. In addition, several other celebs and performers made appearances at the HighKey event.

Mansion Party Number Two

Within a week after the first mansion party, the Lintz brothers were making history with another mansion party, this time sponsored by AEVOLVE. As a result, twice as many people attended the second mansion party as the first one.

With 800 people attending (give or take), there were plenty of notable, high-status people, including famous YouTubers Faze Banks and Faze Jarvis of the Faze Clan, DJ Akademiks, Blake Gray, and other well-known influencers.

Performers at the second mansion party included Blueface and Lil Pump, with DJ Christian and DJ ACX MONEY also performing.

Coming Soon: Mansion Party Number Three

The Lintz brothers aren’t done having fun yet. In fact, they are ramping up for a third mansion party on a date that has yet to be announced. It is likely that this party will be the largest HighKey Party event yet due to the time available for preparations.

The official page for all HighKey Party content is @highkeyparty on Instagram.