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Utkarsh Raj Lists 3 Future-Proof Skills That He Thinks Should be Taught at Every School


Education and going to school are vital to growing and maturing mentally. But, we should consider that school can’t teach us the most important things that only life itself can. Utkarsh Raj is an Indian youngster who learned many things outside of school to win in life and achieve his personal goals.

He’s a young entrepreneur with considerable e-commerce success from the age of 15 when he first got into the e-commerce world. It’s worth mentioning that Utkarsh Raj started with his interest in coding websites at the age of 12, and that’s how he created his first e-commerce shop. From there, his passion for selling products online became his profession, and now, his dropshipping empire counts 30 online stores with daily revenue of $100,000.

Here are three future-proof skills never taught in school, but Utkarsh believes they should be:

First is visualizing your goals related to your business idea. Before you start, you have to clarify what you want in life to achieve that, Utkarsh pointed out.

Next, test your ideas and do analytics. Having an analytical eye and knowing how to predict the next results is the winning point in every field. Make sure you test your ideas thoroughly enough to prove you’re on the right track.

Last but not least is self-awareness. Teachers won’t teach you how to stay motivated and be hungry for success, but life can. Through many failures, you will realize that you should never give up on your life goals.

Utkarsh Raj will remain an inspiring example to the world of how life can teach you the essential skills to become a winner.