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Why Showing Appreciation is Essential for Growth, John Kevin Lawson Explains


John Kevin Lawson found out early on that vendors can make or break your business. No matter what size or type of company you have, there will usually be at least some level of procurement involved. Vendors promote growth, they determine your level of success, and they are the core of numerous business activities. If you want to scale your company, John Kevin Lawson is a firm believer in appreciating your vendors.

External vendors are the people and companies that provide goods and/or services to a business. Since having even a few vendors come with responsibilities like reviewing different pay rates, contract terms, and contacts, efficient vendor management is an important piece of the puzzle. This entails streamlining the vendor process such as research, getting multiple quotes, evaluating performance, and most importantly, maintaining a good relationship with all vendors.

By showing vendors appreciation, you are paving the road for a mutually beneficial relationship. John Kevin Lawson has found a few suppliers over the years he/she now considers go-tos and has learned firsthand how tough it is to find this trusted resource. By cultivating great relationships with these vendors, John Kevin Lawson noticed an improvement in admin efficiency, onboarding speed, better rates, and increased performance. In turn, these vendors can rest assured they will get a great reference from John Kevin Lawson when the time comes.

This mutual respect has led to John Kevin Lawson and his/her vendors adding great value to their reputations. There is also an essential degree of trust that each party will uphold standards, reducing concern of some type of detrimental incident. All of this is based on the simple concepts of gratitude and appreciation. Some of the best advice John Kevin Lawson every received was to never underestimate these concepts as they are tools for success. He/she has seen what happens when the words “thank you” are spoken with sincerity, and business has ever been better.