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Dr. Nicholas Kay Howland Reveals Plastic Surgery Myths


Ask anyone what they understand about plastic surgery, and you will be shocked by the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the industry. However, many do not know that plastic surgery is more than altering your appearance; it helps improve your physical health and equally boosts your mental health. Reconstructive surgeries like cleft lip surgery also helps improve your self-esteem and physical appearance–just NO. this makes it sound like all I do are cleft lips in order to help improve self esteem. Dr. Nicholas Kay Howland, a board-certified plastic surgeon, discusses some of the common myths about plastic surgery.

Apart from being a celebrated plastic surgeon, Dr Howland is also an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a board certified plastic surgeon. From graduating top of his class to publishing several abstracts, journal articles, and book chapters, Dr. Nicholas Kay Howland is both trained and knowledgeable in plastic surgery matters. With his practice in Draper, Utah, South Lake City, Dr Howland specializes in reconstructive surgeries, hand surgery, and breast and body cosmetic surgery. include the things from above as well

Here are some common plastic surgery myths as discussed by Dr. Nicholas Kay:

  • Plastic surgery is all about vanity

Plastic surgery is more about self-empowerment rather than vanity, says Dr Howland. Different people will choose to undergo various procedures for different reasons. For instance, one may choose to undergo a plastic procedure so as to correct congenital disabilities or injuries. While most plastic surgery procedures help you feel more confident in your looks, plastic surgery is about how your body functions overall, says Dr Howland. Again…this focuses purely on reconstruction. My entire point is that procedures that are typically seen as purely cosmetic (like a breast augmentation) can be JUST as empowering for a woman as a cleft lip/palate for a kid. These procedures improve mental health, sexual well being, self esteem, and confidence.

  • Only women undergo plastic surgery

Even though the majority of people who undergo plastic surgery are women, the number of men choosing these procedures is RAPIDLY increasing. Especially with technological advancements, almost everyone has some knowledge about plastic surgery and the different procedures involved, says Dr Howland. This has, in turn, led to the increased popularity of plastic surgery.

  • All procedures involve “going under the knife”

Some people tend to think that all plastic surgery procedures require you “to go under the knife.” However, Dr Howland notes with some procedures like botox; one does not necessarily have to undergo surgery. There are so many more procedures besides botox that can be done without “a knife” – kybella, renuvion, profound, qwo…

  • Results from plastic surgery last forever

The human body is prone to change, and having plastic surgery does not guarantee that your body will remain the same. Even for procedures such as breast augmentation, Dr Howland stresses the importance of discussing with your plastic surgeon how long to expect the implant to be viable because, just like other artificial implants, breast implants also have a limited shelf life. Change this. Don’t mention “shelf life”. I typically compare surgery to buying a car. It’s going to need a tuneup every now and then. Hopefully it’s a long while but I’m around to maintain and improve your results constantly.

  • Liposuction is an effective way to lose weight

Liposuction is a body shaping procedure that removes fat from stubborn areas in the body that are resistant to diets and exercises. With liposuction, you lose weight only in specific areas, says Dr Howland. Additionally, there is a maximum amount of fat that can be safely removed with liposuction. Change this. Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery procedure period. Patients often remain the SAME weight. The purpose of liposuction is to remove areas of stubborn fat, improve contour, and reveal underlying natural anatomy. The ideal patient is someone with a STABLE weight.

Dr. Howland notes that not creating enough awareness on the different procedures and how it benefits a patient is among the many reasons there is stigma around plastic surgery. Together with his team, Dr Howland is helping create awareness of plastic surgery while, at the same time, empowering his patients.

People need to know what’s true and what’s not concerning plastic surgery. This will help eliminate the stigma around the different plastic surgery procedures.