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Chris Chong reflects on how social media helped him achieve massive success


Even top-notch sales and marketing teams need to learn how to use social media marketing. There is no universal solution for all businesses when it comes to getting the word out, so skills must be learned. Different industries thrive on varying platforms and flop on others. For a crash course in effective social media marketing, Chris Chong is an invaluable resource.

This Florida native is a leading authority when it comes to advertising on social media. Chris is a popular Twitch streamer and Instagram car influencer. He utilized his own techniques promoting himself on social media to launch multimillion-dollar online businesses. He is the director of operations at Giti Online, the vice-president of 5IX7, and the president of the UNLTD Group, a social/digital media and marketing firm.

Chris has achieved his goal of being his own boss and making a (very) comfortable living based on his interests and hobbies. Social media made this possible, and he emphasizes how important social media marketing is for a business. For one thing, it’s free. It is also very customizable, but a company needs to learn which platforms will be the most beneficial and learn how to use those platforms.

When it comes to content, start off with the most important thing you want to communicate: the value of your business. Social media marketing is all about building your brand, showing your value to prospective clients, and grasping the interest of your followers. Focus on how to make your company attractive to a wide array of people.

This does involve developing a new set of communication skills and styles. To really set your business apart, perform detailed research about your industry to give your company an advantage. After all, social media marketing is a way of directly sharing knowledge with people and answering questions before they need to be asked. It allows for direct engagement with people, something no other advertising method can offer.

The only requirement a social media manager needs is work and life experience. Chris grew his following by posting about something he loved: the car industry. All he did was share his passion and knowledge, letting his genuine enthusiasm show in his posts. This is the best model businesses can adapt when it comes to online advertising because of the value of authenticity.

Social media can make or break a company. Per Chris, the best way to promote your company is to keep things simple and use the same voice you would with friends. After all, building a company’s brand involves building relationships. When you can do that with total strangers, you can rest assured your business is heading in the right direction.

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