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 Meet Indigo Suave: The Visionary Behind short film ‘Doge-1: A New Hope’


Film undergrad and founder of ASUAVEPRODUCTION on how his visual style defines his direction.

Indigo Suave is already making waves in the film community of Maryland, and he hasn’t even graduated yet. Aged just 22 years old, this young director has already developed his film style and has run his own production company since 2018.

If left to his own devices, this young man is going to have put Maryland on the map as a film destination in just a few short years. Set to graduate from Princeton University in 2022, Indigo Suave (real name Michael Osei-Wusu) will revolutionize the film and music video genre with his signature style.

Here’s the Indigo Suave story so far.

The Beginnings

This director dreamed of film from a young age. Indigo himself notes that he loved Hollywood and acting but never had time to pursue it as a young child. There were always other things to do, and soccer was his biggest distraction But playing the game paid off as it paved his way to Princeton University.

A few days into his course, Indigo Suave knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He was finally free to pursue his dreams of working in the medium of film. So he selected his courses with film as his major, and he hasn’t looked back since.


After studying for long enough to gain a good understanding of his chosen career path, Indigo Suave founded his very own Maryland-based production company. ASUAVEPRODUCTION was founded back in 2018 and has worked on short film after short film ever since.

What is this signature style we keep referring to? The real reason Indigo Suave has racked up almost 30k Instagram followers while still being a Princeton student is that he has managed to develop his sense of definitive directing style. To do this, he has married the music to a visual display in a stunning effort that has been making ripples all over Princeton and beyond. He calls this style ‘visual poetry’. Suave is set to take the world of film and music video production and by storm.

When asked about his particular sense of style, the young director had this to say:

“I not only failed to see how meticulous the creation of films was growing up, but I also never understood that a film is a bigger picture of who we are. It’s a reflection of the audience and the creator. You must give everything a purpose—in every scene, every line, and every breath.”

Where does the Future Lie?

ASUAVEPRODUCTION most successful visual project was the recent release of ‘Doge-1: A New Hope’ amassing over 1 million views on Youtube in just under a month. With increasing interest to auction off as NFT, it seems it will most likely happen. As symbolic the short film has become for Dogecoin holders the same may happen for the NFT space. Suave aims to bring Visual Poetry to our screens in the next few years. Stay tuned on Indigo’s Instagram page for more.