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Rashed Ali Almansoori on his journey of Success to the Top


With tremendous benefits the world of tech has brought to our daily lives through smartphones and laptops comes challenges. Whether it is understanding how to navigate through new applications, updates or just keeping your information safe against cyber-attacks from hackers. These challenges are easily bypassed, as we have experts in this field that contribute through educating us to overcome any tech relates issues and provides us with easy to learn tech information and awareness. Today we have with us one of the most known and reputable Tech journalist and blogger in the middle east, to talk to us about his journey to the top.

Q: Thank you for being with us today Mr. Almansoori , we understand that you have started from an early age can you tell us more about this?

A: Thank you for having me, Sure! I have indeed started from an early age since mid-late 1990s, I always had curiosity about how technology worked such as on mobile phones, computers etc.. This curiosity quickly developed into passion and love for this path. I was always subscribed to tech news and knew it is something that I would like to do full time as a grown up.

Q: We already know you made significant achievements in the world of tech according to the many news article about you as tech journalist and tech blogger, can you tell us your highlights briefly?

A: Regarding social media, I have created a snapchat lens as a creative partner with snapchat based on 3D technology and augmented reality that yielded 45 million views. The lens idea is entertaining which portraits the user as an astronaut in the space. I have also created a smart device called “Utag” to keep people communicating in a convenient way. It has many features that can be found on its dedicated website: .

Q: That is amazing! Can you tell us what motivates to make such great achievements and contributions to society? 

A: Thank you, My main motivation is to make my country and country’s rulers proud as they gave me and our country’s youth a wonderful opportunity to express and develop ourselves. The fact that I can contribute to society through my passion is something the I am grateful for and something that I will continue to do so given this is something I always wanted to do. This truly makes the hard work enjoyable and most importantly worthwhile.

Q: How did your life change as a Famous Tech journalist and Tech blogger ?

A: Well, having more fame gave an opportunity for me to reach more people meaning I have more people to listen to my advice and content I have to provide. This led me to receive significant love and appreciation from my followers as a response to my content. The ability to reach people more beyond the borders of my country and educate them is something that gives me joy, and never have I thought I would reach this level thanks to social media and traditional media for amplifying my voice and giving me a medium to share my content.

We greatly appreciate the time you spent to answer our questions Mr. AlMansoori. We wish you best of luck and continuous success on your future endeavors.