How Business Magnate Zachary Blazed His Own Path to Success


“Blaze your own path,” once said famed rabbi and beloved member of the Jewish faith Menachem Mendel Schneerson, commonly known as the Rebbe. “You can be sure that it has not been sullied by others.” Enter 32-year-old entrepreneur Zachary Swerdlow, a lifetime admirer of Schneerson who could not live up to his hero’s words more. Boasting a multitude of successful businesses across a number of industries, Swerdlow’s journey has been anything but dull — and most certainly, all his own.

In his three decades on this earth, Swerdlow has tried his hand across an array of different careers, beginning as a behind the scenes film financier in Hollywood and quickly working his way into the production side of things. Swerdlow then worked as a corporate acquisitions consultant for one of the royal families of the United Arab Emirates, before deciding to leave to open his own enterprises.

Swerdlow has since opened Trusti, a blockchain compliance solution used by government agencies across the globe, where he still remains CEO. Other notches on his belt include General Boost, a digital adtech agency with top clients like Disney and Booking.com, and FasterVPN, one of the premium virtual private network services available on the market.

When not focusing on his bevy of businesses, Swerdlow has spent his time and focus donating to philanthropic ventures close to his heart, and pursuing projects he feels passionate about. The latest and perhaps most exciting of those must be Swerdlow’s recent acquisition of the rights to the bestselling book documenting Schneerson’s life, with intention of adapting it into a full-length television series and spreading the Rebbe’s work far and wide into the 21st century.

In the life he has lived thus far, Swerdlow has truly embodied his idol Scheernson’s words to the utmost of their meaning, and the highly anticipated new biographical series will only add to the truly unique footprint Swerdlow has already left on the world.

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