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Zara Harutyunyan talks about 3 things you need to dominate your industry


Having great skills and expertise is necessary, but building a business around your passion requires much more. Zara Harutyunyan, the founder of one of America’s top medical aesthetics centers, CRMC Aesthetics, shares her insights on the same. She says that while getting training and a degree is of utmost importance, there are other factors that contribute to one’s success.

Zara not only runs a successful business but is a national trainer and speaker who is often invited to advisory boards to review beauty products. She is a renowned professional, and so is her brand CRMC (Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center). According to Zara, three key factors can help a business flourish.

Be prepared to face all odds 

While running a business, one faces more issues than just competition. Zara mentions, “At times, I am swamped with work and don’t even get time to have lunch. But I have to be dedicated, stay focused, and be prepared to face challenges, as I am the one who will have to inspire my team to do the same.” She started her practice from scratch and had to take care of many things at once, which was exhausting at times, but she never gave up. She says that as a leader, one has to wear multiple hats to run a business successfully.

Building lasting relationships with your clients and employees

A person cannot succeed alone. There are many people who we meet along our journey, people who help us grow and succeed. One should keep such people close. As for the clients, Zara says that a good doctor should always listen to the patient carefully. Every person has different needs, and the right treatment needs to be tailored individually. Zara says, “I would never make someone a copy of someone else.” She also believes in excellent customer service, even after the procedures are done. She also insists on treating one’s employees fairly and considerately. She believes that her team is her family, and if they do good work, the whole company reaps the benefits.

Believe in yourself

Zara Harutyunyan started her business from scratch and faced prejudice as a woman from a minority community. But she believed in her expertise. She had worked and earned her RN and NP license to practice cosmetic medicine in America after which, she never looked back. She says that people will try to put you down, but you have to fight for what you believe is right.

Zara Harutyunyan built a business and a life for herself in America. Not only that, she is a leader in her field. Her business savviness and intuition led the way to her success, while her never-say-die attitude kept her going against all odds.