How Real Estate Magnate Baskal Korkis Rose To The Top


When asking a kid the tried and true question of what they want to be when they grow up, one usually hears a smattering of conventional choices in return, from firefighter to popstar, astronaut to policeman and the like. But for Baskal Korkis, his childhood dreams were in a much more unabashedly grown-up vein when compared to his elementary peers: real estate investment.

Armed with vital industry advice from his uncle and with passion in hand, Korkis began saving up for his first property purchase at age 14 and accomplished the very goal at 19, before he could even legally drink. Less than four years later, Korkis’s tenacity managed to score him 10 real estate holdings across the country in total at age 23. Though he barely got sleep during these fundamental work years, Korkis managed to fulfill his dreams time and time again, proving that hard work indeed pays off.

Now, at age 34, Korkis already has more than 20 years of experience in real estate investment, a huge leg up on his industry peers the same age who didn’t get into real estate until they completed schooling. With an incredible wealth of knowledge about the market, Korkis has taken his talents to Instagram to educate his more then 200,000 followers on how they can get involved in the lucrative business themselves.

Posting videos nearly every day, Korkis covers a range of topics advising on the lesser known aspects of real estate investment and all the right moves to make. Thanks to these uber-popular tutorials, Korkis has helped a countless number of his following make sound financial choices and grow their personal potential to new heights. Even more admirably, all his expert industry tips and tricks that he could easily cash in on are shared one hundred percent free of charge to the public.

“Our current education system doesn’t offer this type of education,” said Korkis. “No one is going to help them but themselves and my goal is to teach people via social media for free.”

With his sheer power of will and dedication, Korkis has turned into the kind of success story in the real estate investment world anyone would be happy to replicate. And now, thanks to his supreme generosity and the power of Instagram, Korkis’s digital masterclasses make it simple for anyone with the proper motivation to follow in his footsteps with ease.