How Moshé Partouche Experienced Immediate Success in Nightlife, Music, and Film


The entertainment industry is arguably one of the most difficult industries to achieve sustained prosperity, however, there is one serial entrepreneur that is looking to break this mold with his vast achievements in nightlife, music, and film. Moshé Partouche began his career in the entertainment industry by focusing on the nightlife aspect, attaining monumental success when he brought the famous Circoloco dance festival from its birthplace of Ibiza, to his home country of Israel.

Circoloco has evolved from an underground music festival for lovers of electronic dance music, into a famous mainstream event that is now recognized around the world. It features renowned DJ’s that are considered to be some of the best in dance music, as well as up and coming DJ’s that are certain to be a staple in the music industry for years to come. Moshé saw a great opportunity to bring this glorious event to the nightlife scene in Israel, a country that loves electronic dance music and even more so, a fun night out. Moshé quickly began to be recognized as one the premier nightlife curators in Israel, using his success with Circoloco to throw grandiose parties at numerous venues in Tel Aviv, as well as other cities in Israel. Although he is looking to continue to grow his image in the nightlife industry in Israel, he has also immersed himself in the music and film elements of the entertainment industry.

Moshé’s love of music was a great motivator for him to start the Moyo Brothers music label in 2013, the music genre is considered deep house. The music is played all over the world via numerous streaming online services, SoundCloud, iTunes, and Ibiza Global Radio are just a few noteworthy streaming platforms where the music of Moyo Brothers can be found. He is looking to continue to create more music to further the Moyo Brothers label into prominence.

Moshé always had a great passion for cinema, he began to produce documentaries as he believes this was a good starting point to get into the film industry. His first documentary was called The Vif, it was about the historic life of iconic designer, Christian Audigier. Moshé’s first documentary was a big hit, as it was officially selected for numerous film festivals, winning awards for best producer and best documentary in many of the festivals where it was featured. The documentary was a winner for best cinematography and best documentary at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2018. It was a winner for best documentary at the Mexico International Film Festival in 2018, and winner for best producer in the Los Angeles Documentary Festival in 2017. Moshérode this wave of success to produce another incredible documentary, American Badass: A Michael Madsen Retrospective.

The documentary about Michael Madsen is a great watch for film buffs and documentary enthusiasts, as it follows the epic stories told by Madsen during his quest to become an A-list actor. It offers a candid and forthcoming perspective from the actor himself, as well as behind the scenes stories that would otherwise be unheard of. The documentary was featured in the Sundance Film Festival, including famous Hollywood icons like John Travolta, Quentin Tarantino, and Ron Perlman.

With such astounding achievements right off the bat, Moshé is certain to be a recognized name in the film industry in the near future. He is looking to continue to make more documentaries, positioning himself for a smooth transition into directing and producing films for the big screen. Moshé is already widely respected and recognized by some of the biggest names in the industry, as he looks to further his brand in music, nightlife, and film.

To learn more about Moshé Partouche, check out his Instagram @moshe_tlv