Travis Bott’s Beyond Global Creates A Consumer Friendly Crypto Wallet


At the beginning of 2020, the prospects for Bitcoin (BTCUSD), and by extension cryptocurrency markets, did not look too bright. Both were fitfully attempting to shake off a prolonged price slump and a rise in crypto crime. Market liquidity remained low, and institutional investors were still shying away from cryptocurrencies. Then the pandemic happened. Multiple rounds of unchecked stimulus spending by central banks shook Bitcoin from its price stupor and strengthened its economic proposition as a store of value. Its price coasted past the $20,000 record, set nearly three years ago during a booming economy, in early December and has skyrocketed by more than 200% since the beginning of this year. Travis Bott, a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space, continued the wave of cryptocurrencies by developing a breakthrough technology catered towards cryptocurrency enthusiasts to enhance their investment options.

There aren’t many products that connect the dots between traditional finance and the concept of a digital wallet. However, a new partnership between Beyond Global and fully licensed crypto exchange made crypto transacting very easy. Through it, Beyond Global is able to deliver these various crypto services to its members in 90 countries.

 Beyond Global is surging and expanding, as they continue to disrupt the financial services industry as a big player. As Beyond Global continues to expand and change the way we transact, it delivers a product that is one of a kind, where users can earn up to five percent cash back, and every referral earns the user additional money.

Developed by the visionary Entrepreneur Travis Bott, Beyond Global is changing the way consumers conduct borderless transactions. Bott continues to forge new digital finance technologies by changing the way people can access money. To learn more about the Beyond Globalvisit here.