VIBES For Days: The Ultimate Smoking Experience with VIBES Rolling Papers


As marijuana legalization spreads across the country, smokers are becoming more artistic and inspired with their smoking habits. While most smokers typically have their cannabis source covered, it can be a challenge to source the best rolling paper. VIBES Rolling Papers is a new brand by two cannabis moguls that offers premium rolling papers and cones made in several varieties — natural hemp, rice, or ultra-thin — and the papers are cultivated in France and produced in the Dominican Republic.

VIBES was founded by two leaders of the cannabis industry: Berner, a Bay-area rapper and entrepreneur, and Greenlane, the leading global platform bringing premier cannabis products to life. VIBES is here to bring a classy experience to market for mary-jane connoisseurs, and, even better, VIBES papers are eco-friendly and align with consumers’ increasing environmentally conscious habits.

The products are sold online as well as in select brick-and-mortar retail locations. Aside from the papers and cones, VIBES just launched another apparel collection as well. The brand also teamed up with Glow Tray to produce an illuminating LED rolling tray that is sold exclusively online. To learn more about VIBES, check out their website here.