How Cosval Group’s Locherber Milano Skillfully Maneuvers the Luxury Home Fragrance World


Famed Victorian-era philosopher and philosopher John Ruskin once said that “skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation.” For emerging Italian home fragrance brand Locherber Milano, the word “skilled,” in Ruskin’s oh-so-eloquent definition of the word, is a beyond apt description of the incredibly crafted scents it offers, tapping into the nearly 50 years of experience its parent company Cosval Group holds in the fragrance industry.

As the brainchild of the Baerlocher family, Cosval Group has infused the clan’s rich history throughout all of its ventures, including Swiss precision and Italian heritage in each meticulously made product. Locherber Milano is no exception to this rule, and with third-generation entrepreneurs Stefano and Brigitte Baerlocher at its helm, the brand is being steered towards success by true experts of the craft.

Already a staple for scent-lovers around the world, Locherber Milano boasts a wide range of fragrances sure to satisfy the most refined of palates, taking painstaking care to ensure every detail is precisely taken care of. The half-century of family experience in the business is apparent at every turn; from the repurposed wood toppers sourced from around the world to the hand-crafted glass bottles perfectly designed to catch the light of any room, the fragrances’ beautiful aesthetics fit into any home like a true art piece.

On the sensory end, Locherber Milano’s timeless fragrances takes you into another world — whether the ancient Roman times with Dolce Roma XXI, Tuscan Feeling and Venetiae, into the Middle East with Hejaz Incense and Azad Kashmere, or the classical French era through Madeleine Rose. No matter the preference in scent, every note is undeniably perfectly chosen for the experience it has been selected to convey, and available in eau de parfum, candles and diffusers, just to start.

Though still new on the market, Locherber Milano and its home fragrances have already become beloved across the globe, offering a true masterclass in the art of luxury scent. For a whiff of your own of Locherber Milano’s otherworldly fragrances, visit the brand’s boutique in Rome and flagship store in Milano, or, for the international crowd, shop the skillfully crafted scents online.

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