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How Kartik Anand and His Company Are Giving Back To The Community


Kartik Anand has successfully founded and scaled companies in over five industries. Today his companies XDBS and King Group Ventures are the world’s fastest-growing brands in their respective industries with over 2300 people globally. However, Kartik Anand isn’t someone who keeps his success limited to himself. In fact, along with his world-class product and services, he is giving back to the community by supporting cancer treatment for disadvantaged individuals and may other initiatives.

Starting his journey back in 2011 with a small team of 5, he has come along and created a name for himself in the industry. Below is more about how Kartik Anand succeeded in his multiple ventures and is now utilizing them to help others.

Kartik Anand’s Journey to Success & His Achievements

Kartik Anand, founder and chief executive of King Group Ventures, embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey with XDBS, a US-based B2B marketing company that helps brands and individuals generate leads for their businesses. Knowledge of his impeccable service soon spread, and his clients began to grow massively with countless premium clients. Along with that, his company was also recognized as the “Top 100 Tech Companies Founded By Indians in the US” and “Best Startups to Work for” by Silicon India.

His success wasn’t limited here, and he soon ventured into various other industries like content creation, automobiles, food and beverages, gaming and education. Wherever he went, his practical knowledge and top-notch skills drove him to success. He constantly leveled up himself and his business to stay relevant throughout changing times.

His success also got him honored by the Times Man of the Year Pune 2018 and his company by the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for Outstanding Revenue Growth and Content Marketing in 2021.

How He is Giving Back to The Society & Saving Lives

Apart from his entrepreneurial success, Kartik also donned the humanitarian hat to set out on a journey to help cancer patients through his flagship initiative “Shri RAVINDER Joshi Charitable Foundation” (SRJCF). Under this initiative, Kartik donated modern, high-tech equipment and instruments to the Vishranti Hospital, Pune. This next-level equipment isn’t available everywhere. Under this initiative, they also launched a cancer assistance program to aid those battling this deadly disease. This program helps educate people about the disease and how early diagnosis can miraculously save someone’s life.

Kartik’s contribution has proved valuable for hundreds of patients of the Vishranti Hospital and doctors and nurses who are tirelessly working to save lives. Cancer is a much-feared disease that brings along an expensive treatment procedure that most people cannot afford. Kartik Anand and his company aim to increase the chances of survival without breaking the bank by helping people recognize the early symptoms.

Along with many other initiatives, Kartik Anand’s foundation also looks at supporting education & medical care for the needy. His team at SRJCF works tirelessly to support & extend support to many in need.

Kartik Anand is not just an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs but for the people whose lives will now be saved with the help of his contribution. A genius mind with a heart of gold, his relentless success is sure to impact a million lives in a million ways.