Jason Zuccari is Helping Both Employers and Employees Improve Healthcare Benefits with BeneBee


When employees begin a new job, they often look to the health benefits the employer provides as a top priority. With rising costs of medical insurance, an insurance plan provided by the employer offers such employees a much-needed sense of assurance and peace of mind. However, although employees make health insurance of paramount importance when landing a new job, providing such insurance can be an arduous task for employers.

Notwithstanding the size of the company, employers have difficulty providing sufficient insurance to employees at an affordable rate. Jason Zuccari is the vice president of Hamilton Insurance Agency, he offers valuable insight for employers on the intricacies involved with providing an insurance plan that is both cost-effective and meets the needs of the employees. He says that it is imperative to balance insurance plans with proper coverage, at a cost that doesn’t severely hamper the bottom line of a business. Even if an employer believes they found a good plan, there is another impediment of enrolling and onboarding employees.

For employers that encounter such obstacles, there is a much-needed mobile application that will revolutionize the way employers provide insurance benefits. This application helps make employees’ insurance more transparent and easier to sustain, ensuring they get the necessary care they need without any cumbersome issues.

BeneBee is a mobile application that has all the resources both employers and employees need to have the requisite understanding of insurance policies and the coverage they provide. BeneBee has company-specific handbooks that focus on your brand, a virtual insurance card for each user, on-demand customer service support, step-by-step tutorials for enrolling in insurance programs, and 24/7 telemedicine.

The phrase “Open Enrollment” is often the source of both relief and fear for employees, they know that help is imminent for costs associated with healthcare, but sorting through numerous copays, deductibles, covered services, etc. can be a substantial burden to shoulder. BeneBee alleviates such fear by taking the time to guide people every step of the way in the enrollment process. Their informative videos are also a great source for more detailed support. Service reps are available on-demand to help an employee in the event of an administrative problem, providing a streamlined method to resolve any impediment. Zuccari says that employees and employers have similar interests when it comes to health insurance, great coverage with low costs.

BeneLink is a critical resource that aids employers with the enrollment process from start to finish, doing everything from collecting data to auditing invoices. BeneLink handles billing, invoicing, employee onboarding, as well as managing other logistics that can slow down a business. BeneLink ensures ACA compliance and requisite IRS reporting.

Zuccari emphasizes that signing up for health insurance is not something most employees look forward to. However, using BeneBee can facilitate this process by bringing comprehensive insurance resources together in one place for both employers and employees.

For more information on BeneBee and formulating an insurance plan for your company, contact Hamilton Insurance Agency.