The Best Option for Invisible Aligners in the U.K: Diamond Whites 


Though for years, many people have avoided the thought of metal braces in order to attain their perfect smile, thanks to advancements in technology, invisible aligners, or clear retainer-like trays, are now the go-to method for straightening one’s teeth. With this practical and much more subtle option, the market for invisible aligners has skyrocketed in the last few years.

But with so many new, up-and-coming companies offering invisible aligners, knowing which one is best will take some research. After examining the U.K’s Diamond Whites, the choice was clear. Not only do they offer the best service and treatment, but Diamond Whites provides transparent and affordable pricing—a win on all fronts.

With the latest technology in invisible aligners, what might be the best benefit of Diamond Whites is their treatment plan and progress. Utilizing cutting edge technology by way of their ScanBox, doctors can keep track of a patient’s progress at any step of the process.

Unlike other at home Invisible Aligner brands, we monitor your progress remotely every week via our ScanBox and smartphone app,” says Diamond Whites’ CEO, Ben Reed. “Using extremely intelligent AI that has taken over half a billion scans backed by our fully qualified Dental Team we review your progress week in week out and inform you when your teeth are ready to move on to your next stage. As a result, we have been able to cut down on clinic chair time to not only save the customer time but the expense that comes with it.”

For those of you who might think that technology like this must come with a hefty price tag, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Diamond Whites treatment is typically 70% less expensive from its competitors and treatment times usually average around six months in total. Another added bonus is that every patient’s treatment plan is reviewed and approved by celebrity dentist Dr. Richard Marques of London’s Harley Street. Having treated the likes of Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Love Island Stars Olivia Buckland, Joey Essex and more, Dr. Marques still makes it a priority to see to it that Diamond Whites patients are given the same level of service as they would if they were sitting in his chair in-person, in his office.

“My motto is that we ‘treat every single patient and customer near and far as a celebrity!’” Dr. Marques says. “That to me means that we provide a celebrity-style level of customer service, attention to detail and results for every single person who trusts us with their smile! We are absolutely passionate about providing the ultimate best experience and results in the industry with our amazing team.”

Presently, Diamond Whites is available in the United Kingdom with plans to launch in Ireland very soon. And as the brand continues to grow, receiving support from clientele along the way, the company looks forward to branching out to the rest of Europe in the next year.

To learn more about Diamond Whites, visit their website for details.

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