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Cody Kerns Transforms the Digital Marketing with Improved Content and Real Followers


Social media is more than just a platform to stay connected to people you know. It is a hub where people from across the world listen to each other, engage, and build relationships. This makes it the best medium for businesses to showcase their brand and take the message to customers from all corners of the world. Recently, the craze on the follower base has taken the internet by storm. Some inexperienced marketing agencies are exploiting this opportunity by creating a fake follower base. This apparently creates a brand image but doesn’t promise the expected response. This is where Cody Kerns, the digital marketing expert, is bridging the gap to help businesses find real growth on social media.

Cody Kerns is a born entrepreneur. At 13 years old, he started a chewing gum business. He was in 7th grade then and sustained the business till he reached high school. He used to earn pocket money by selling cool stuff like sneakers and electronic gadgets to his classmates. What then served as a source of pocket money actually prepared the groundwork for his real-life entrepreneurial ventures. Cody joined Coastal Carolina University to study business management. After 1 year into the course, he dropped out of college to start his digital marketing agency iComeUp Marketing in 2015.

It was during his college days that Cody noticed several brands on Instagram with an exceptional number of followers but little or no engagement at all. This prompted him to research the platform further to resolve the discrepancy. It was then he came to know about the fake follower trap. Disgusted by the fact that new brands were cheated by agencies hiding their true purpose in digital marketing, Cody decided to venture into the space. His sole objective in starting his company was to help brands find real success on social media. His principle throughout has been simple. Real followers will lead to real engagements for the brand, which will inevitably increase real sales on the platform.

Within a few years, iComeUp Marketing became the fastest growing Instagram marketing agency offering digital marketing solutions to more than 4000 businesses. His incredible success and business genius has allowed Cody to work with some of the top social media brands, and influencers such as The Apex Agency, Highkey Clout, and thousands more. iComeUp has now partnered with Cardone Ventures to further scale its growth. To date, Cody has earned over $15 million from digital sales through social media without spending a fortune on advertisements. His services provide the most desired results for the clients.

Currently, iComeUp Marketing is earning seven-figure revenue from sales. Replicating the success of iComeUp, Cody founded two other companies: Kerns Marketing and Kerns Capital. Kerns Marketing is another digital marketing agency helping businesses create brand awareness through social media followers, killer content, and lead flow. Kerns Capital is an investment company drawing revenue from multi-family and single-family real estate, bitcoin, and various other investments.

Cody’s road to success was not a cakewalk. He had to isolate himself for 3 years to be able to focus on his goal and understand his business. Cody wants to continue helping businesses monetize their social media presence while also growing his business to a $10 to $20 million empire in near future.