How Pins & Aces Destigmatizes the Game of Golf with Modern-Day Golf Gear


Despite the fact that the game of golf has been around since the 15th century, still it remains archaic with its traditions, deeming it the stuffy country club sport that is clouded with exclusivity and propriety. But as younger generations begin to embrace the game, the culture surrounding golf has changed tremendously in recent years. These days, golf is less about status and more about being social. In light of this, golfers of the world’s younger generations are changing everything we know about golf, including its style. One up-and-coming golf brand, created by avid golfer and entrepreneur Nick Mertz, is reinventing the standards for golf gear and accessories by way of Pins & Aces.

While most golf brands stick to colors like navy, black, blue, and white, Pins & Aces approaches golf with a whole new mindset—one made for the modern-day golfer. Known for their flamboyant polo shirts that feature animal prints, bright colors, fun patterns and unconventional designs, the brand’s polos are sure to turn heads on the course. With an emphasis on fun, different designs, Pins & Aces also makes quality a top priority. Made from the highest quality material, and designed for mobility and comfort, the brand’s apparel is just as much functional as it is fun. In fact, this year during the Tokyo Olympic Games, Puerto Rican pro golfer Rafael Campos exclusively wore polo shirts made by Pins & Aces.

But the brand makes more than just apparel. Some of their best-selling products include fun ball markers, hilarious head covers that are made in the likeness of past U.S. presidents beer cans, even a boxing glove, and then there is their ingenious beer sleeve accessory that is made for discreetly carrying seven cans of beer in one’s golf bag. As society continues to peel back the layers of golf, destigmatizing the stuffiness of the sport, Pins & Aces provides golf gear and accessories for golfers who are tired of the boring, mediocre golf wear. To learn more about the brand, visit the Pins & Aces website or follow them on Instagram.