How Yasmin Tavakoli’s Talks with Yasmin is a Gateway to the Truth 


In the last year, the Covid-19 pandemic has stolen the stage, captivating the world’s attention. Now more than ever, consumers are paying attention to the news, seeking updates and information on the ever-changing state of the pandemic. Just in 202, United States cable news viewership reached an all-time high. But with so many flocking to local news sources whether on TV or the internet, there’s been a lot of room for error—and misconception.

With sensationalism and fake news pumping through timelines and social media feeds, one thing has become painfully clear and that’s been how difficult it is to discern what’s real and what isn’t. One up-and-coming social advocate stepped forward at the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak, hoping to provide clarity in a time of stark uncertainty— social commentator Yasmin Tavakoli.

With a background in social and political affairs, having earned her Masters in Diplomacy from the University of Southern California and later going on to work with the United Nations, Tavakoli’s interests and passion has always been in domestic and global affairs. But last year, she launched something new, her very own platform on Instagram where she would hold conversations with prominent figures like city officials, doctors, politicians, lawyers and more. Discussing relevant topics and current events in order to provide clarity and perspective, Tavakoli created “Talks with Yasmin” as a way for people to get informed and to encourage her audience to seek the truth. What sets her apart from other platforms is in how she is adamant about representing a fair representation of both sides of any topic.

“Through these ongoing conversations, I urge my followers to open their minds to different perspectives,” Tavakoli says. “I like to bring forth the truth and perspective and furthermore, I hope these discussions encourage people to do their own research to become informed and aware.”

Since launching the series, Tavakoli has expanded her content and now hosts her own podcast, available via Spotify. Though these days the news seems to have calmed down since the chaos of 2020 has somewhat settled, still many Americans are eager to seek news that is genuine and researched. She hopes to continue to serve as a gateway to help people find the truth in every matter. To learn more about Yasmin Tavakoli and to watch Talks with Yasmin, find her on Instagram or check out her podcast on Spotify.

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