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Quitting Corporate America To Make 7 Figures: Maria Fox Giambrone’s Bet Paid off


Meet New York City native Maria Fox Giambrone – wife, mother of three, and seven-figure entrepreneur.

After 26 years of climbing the ladder in corporate America alongside high profile executives, it became clear to Maria that her personal freedom would become a privilege of the past unless ties were cut with the corporate world. She recounted that she loved what she did, and the salary that she made, but her life was not her own. She was on call 24/7 and spent very little time with her young family. Fortunately for Maria, her vast education in science and experience accrued over the years, including obtaining certifications in holistic nutrition and life coaching, lay the groundwork that allowed her to make her exit from the corporate world. This prepared Maria for an opportunity that presented itself four years ago, an opportunity she was initially not keen on due to the immense workload on her plate – taking care of three kids under 10, helming a full-time job and building a coaching business, holding the appointment as president of PTA and juggling this with the emotional turmoil that came with discovering that her husband had been diagnosed with cancer. Although she had initially wanted to dismiss the opportunity, Maria had an urge to explore a little more, which she did and well…

Everyone she gave the product to had amazing results. Her family knew it was something she had to pursue. The products of the company helped people make a significant lifestyle change, without realizing that they were making a change… and for a coach, that is huge! The products also helped with enhancing happiness, energy, mood, sleep, focus… and this is something that everyone needs! In essence, she was offering a line of functional beverages (coffee, tea, lemonade, hot chocolate) that stimulated one’s brain to be happy naturally, and which improved one’s focus and mood, and helped with stress and weight management and so much more. There is also a full lineup of products and services coming that would help to elevate one’s life and give a more rounded sense of well-being.

In Maria’s first year, she was able to replace her six-figure income, retire from corporate America, and accomplish her main goal of being home with the family. It has truly been a blessing.

Fast forward to the year 2021, Maria has grown her business into one that generates multi-million dollars a month. She is now focusing on helping others create an income and live a lifestyle that they want, all while helping them achieve their health and life goals. Her business is about to launch globally and she couldn’t be more excited. There is no better feeling than being able to share happiness across the globe! Helping people to be more present with their families, all while creating an income is truly the most fulfilling job ever!

Maria’s coaching now paves the way for other moms and wives to bask in financial freedom through selling premium products for a commission at the comfort of their own home, as she continues to consult for The Happy Co. Most of Maria’s clients are between the ages of 25-60 because many in her business are moms. However, now that more people are looking for an opportunity to be happier and work on their own terms, there are many more men in the same age range, as well as younger men and women (i.e. between the ages of 18-25) partnering with the team as well.

To learn more about Maria’s rise and the opportunities available, you can reach her on Instagram and Facebook.

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