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Best One Night Stand Sites for Getting Laid Tonight


I feel your pain. You are tired of reading these “best one night stand sites” articles listing generic no strings attached sites that you already know about.

Well, homeslice, you don’t have to worry about that with us. We’re doing the same, but also delivering a realistic list of the best booty call sites with great analyses. 

These sites are not your typical one-size-fit-all types of deals, though, as some are not even dating sites. We give you ones that produce real life results and practical ways to get your freak on.

Read our reviews of each, so you can finally bang, bang, and skeet, skeet during casual encounters under the sheets, tonight. Let’s go!

8 Top One Night Stand Sites List

  1. Best chance of having a one night stand – Adult Friend Finder
  2. Best for sexing with experienced members and disappearing into the night – Ashley Madison
  3. Best overall results for a one night stand – Tinder
  4. One night stand groups – Reddit r4r
  5. More secretive one night stands – Craigslist Activities
  6. Plenty of one night stands – POF
  7. Personalized one night stand relationships – Facebook
  8. One night stands with sexy strangers – Instagram

1. Adult Friend Finder – Millions of Users Looking for One Night Stands


  • Best dating site to get laid
  • Mobile app and browser surfing
  • Possibly establish a long term relation if that is what you are looking for
  • Chat rooms


  • Premium credits needed for important user feature
  • Some non-active membership accounts
  • Box selections at registration that takes time to fill out

Say it with me, “Adult friend find her!

You heard the name and should know the game already.

Adult Friend Finder is the best you’re going to get when it comes to one night stands because everybody is familiar with the site in one fashion or another. Hell, I watched porn 8 hours a day (9-to-5) in the early 2000s, and would often see AFF advertised everywhere. If you’re using the internet to surf dating sites, you cannot escape this best dating site no matter how hard you try. Therefore, people sign up for an account just like you, making it one of the best places to have a 1 night stand.

Horny people worldwide use AFF faithfully.

Negative reviews about adultfriendfinder have alleged the existence of scammers, bots, and dead profiles abandoned.

This website is infamous for a reason, and even though many negative reviews exist, you can find people from every corner of the universe. If you cannot meet up with someone for the night because you’re broke as a joke or lazy like me, then you can permanently settle for entertainment on the adult live section with real models. Pay some credits to get them to do some freaky things as you enjoy meat-handling all night.

However, if you are the ‘balla balla’ type that can afford to purchase the premiums, you will likely get laid by someone.

But if you’re trying to get laid on a budget, then I suggest you skate your cheap ass over to Tinder or POF for some cheap one night stand action.

  • Advanced search
  • Premium membership

Check out Adult Friend Finder

2. Ashley Madison – Women Looking for NSA Sex


  • Quick one night stands
  • Experienced users
  • Most likely real photographs


  • Attracts married people
  • Some bots

Cheater, cheater. Booty eater. 

Had a wife and could not keep her. 

That’s what Ashley Madison is all about. People unsatisfied with their marriages are cheating and having one night stands.

Preferably, this site typically attracts the older crowd. I say that because Ashley Madison is for cheaters who are already in established relationships. What type of people is that? Usually older and more experienced. Sometimes single people might entertain AM, but they have more options available. 

If a guy or a gal wants a side piece, they will likely find that on AM. You know, if a woman is fed up with her man, she might explore something new outside the marriage.

Regardless, people in these married relationships have every incentive to hide their trysts; therefore you can get down and dirty and probably never see them again when using Ashley Madison. The only problem is them finding your profile again and sending you a “where is my phone call?” IM.

No more stalkers getting attached. Ashley Madison is the hit-it-and-literally-quit-it candy shop. Welcome!

Ashley Madison has a credit system to buy a certain number of credits and only use them for what you need. Sending messages and viewing them costs money, and that is a significant downfall of Ashley Madison. 

Who wants to pay to have a secretive affair?

Well, you will pay one way or another, especially if you use the free sites where you don’t know who you are meeting. At least AM has a verified photo section for users keen on knowing what their chat partner looks like.

  • Best hookups through Android and iOS

Visit Ashley Madison

3. Tinder – Best Chance for Finding A One Night Stand


  • Easy to figure out
  • Free
  • Best results
  • Million users
  • No membership


  • Likely to contract an STD

Tinder is absolute when it comes to one night stand sites. Don’t believe me? Ask your homie!

Take your nerdy self to any social circle, and bring up the subject of internet sex portals, dating apps, or hookup sites, guaranteed Tinder is mentioned.

Hey, I didn’t make the rules; I simply inform you people about them!

All you gots to do on is set up a profile with a primary email and start searching through their system for other profiles. Simple. Anyone can do this. Tinder is easy to navigate.

In contrast, some online dating sites require filling out long-drawn-out questionnaires with your personal information detailing your private life. 

Who has time to answer these multiple-choice exams? All these freaky people want instant gratification.

Nobody wants to read the Gettysburg address. They want to get in quick, hit-it-and-quit-it, jet like an F-15, and disappear like a thief in the night.

Moreover, you could be the dumbest person on the planet and still get casual sex with little to no effort due to the exclusive ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ feature on Tinder.

Let me repeat that.

If your IQ is super low, you can still figure out how to work Tinder.

Simplicity is the future!

Tinder allows you to swipe left if you are interested in that person or swipe right if you have no interest. 

Who can’t figure out how to do that!?

Tinder has changed the internet dating game forever, and you don’t need to pay money to see these profiles or communicate with someone. 

Additionally, Tinder has an area-by-area search bar. Therefore, you don’t need to hit the road Jack, and travel miles to meet a potential match. Nun-uhn. You can ride a bicycle around the block and meet your Tinder match in person according to the nearest zip code. That means you can pick up a cold one and then minutes later bone one.

However, if you really want to pick the litter or cream of the crop, you will need to enroll in Tinder+. That’s how the game goes.

Calculated at only $10 a month, the brokest of the broke can afford to pay for a Tinder Plus account. With this “premium” account you find a one night stand quicker as you can view a higher number of profiles. Therefore, your chances of landing a booty call will increase considerably. 

Tinder is known to have nothing but freaks on there, no matter how ‘holy’ they act. Getting a nice booty call is a byproduct. No calculation or manipulation is needed here, just meet up and bang tough.

Too bad you can’t bang a broad abroad, but there are plenty of local women to find. If you don’t get laid in 60 seconds, then you might as well stay in a chat room as a social media user jerking off to still photographs. 

Visit Tinder

4. Reddit R4R – Free One Night Stand Meetings


  • Free


  • No profile photos
  • Less likely to meet someone locally

Reddit, home to the weirdos and the internet’s heroes, but people still use it to hookup for one night stands. 

Reddit is the perfect cloak to hide and seek because the simple user experience makes it the ideal site to use.

All you need is to create an account using an email without a pic, and you’re in the game. But see, that’s the problem. You literally don’t have to use a pic, so discovering someone’s physical looks is like pulling teeth with no dental anesthesia. You will perform multiple verbal gymnastics to get them to show themselves on a webcam if you want to avoid ending up on an episode of catfish crying your eyes out. You don’t want to wait on your one night stand at the coffee shop or an airport and Cookie Monster shows up.

I could use a latte right now!

Reddit is a free way to use a hot stick to enter some warm buns. No premium accounts are required, but the casual sex selections are minimal. Like, do you really think you’re going to find someone from Branson, Missouri there? Likely not. Take your butt over to Adult friend finder to take advantage of the location-based algorithm. 

See, that’s why I used the plane analogy because you will literally hop on a flight or two to find someone. Jumping through hula hoops like an Olympian is why Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison are the best in the one night stand category. You can see users’ faces, some accounts are verified, and you can facilitate a one night stand nearby, which is not a luxury on Reddit. However, if you have the time, energy, and hell-bent on doing it for free, then drink up because Reddit is your cup of tea!

Visit Reddit R4R

5. Craigslist Activities – Less Chance of Getting Stalked


  • Free


  • No photo verification
  • Some ads don’t even have photos

If you lived under a rock for the past few years, then you probably don’t know that Craigslist personals shut down because users were soliciting money for sex. 

If you ain’t trading sex for money, then Craigslist Activities is good for having a one night stand with a stranger and never seeing the person again. Poof!

Now, you need to be aware that Craigslist Activities is for every type of activity, which means you will see ads for tutoring, dog leash training, racquetball practice, and more. So if you try to bang your instructor on a tennis court, then your ass might get beat like it stole something or apprehended by the authorities.

But the confusing part of using Craigslist Activities is that sexual pursuits are shrouded in coded language. Someone who wants to find sex might create an ad that says they’re looking for some “real fun” or a drinking and smoking partner, but in reality, they’re looking for something to smoke their bootyhole-smoking on a KY-jelly pack.

Someone might say that they want to have a romantic dinner, which leads to something else. Moreover, the ads would have the asl of the person, which is not pre-picked but created by the users, giving them leniency to lie.

So you have to sift through ads like a box of old records to find the real ads you’re looking for.

See, again, this is why AFF and AM are best for hooking up just for that reason. 

You don’t have to do much work, just work and pay more for those one night stand websites. However, Craigslist Activities is popular, accessible, free, and easy to use.

Visit Craigslist Activities

6. POF – Plenty of Sexual Matches & Features Similar Best Hookup Sites


  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Plenty of potential matches


  • Catfish central

Plenty of Fish, what an interesting name for a not so interesting site. Instantly, you will think that you can bang plenty of fish, but in reality, you can bang plenty of bots, trolls, jelly rolls, and catfish with some real users scattered in between.

But plenty of fish seem to have better Trustpilot reviews than all of the one night stand websites combined.

You can’t beat that! 

Therefore, POF must produce results, which is why the site made this list. 

Moreover, POF is one of the biggest one night stand sites with the best free dating features assisting with local hookups. 

Straight like that. 

If you can navigate your way through some of the scammer profiles, then you might discover the lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Plenty of Fish has a price tag of $20/month if you want the exclusive treatment where your profile is displayed first, and you can see more matches. 

Oops, I just discovered that POF is not free. You have to pay a premium to use the website.

One prominent downfall about using POF has to equip your scuba gear ready to dive because you will likely catch plenty of catfish before you come across the non-scavenges.

Deception is a big problem on POF, and it’s not even the bonafide catfish crowd. It might be the older women who upload pics from ten years ago when they looked hot. Now they look like they’ve got shot with a musket.

Click Here to Visit POF 

7. Facebook – One Night Stand Meetings Through Family and Friends


  • Promising casual dating
  • Easiest hookup app to use
  • Real pics


  • Not made for sexual casual dating
  • Gossip place (Friends and family will hear about you trying to bang their friends or family)

Why did Facebook make this list? Because the majority of my friends had plenty of one night stands using this site. 

People feel comfortable having one night of sex with someone they already know or know their family or friends. I could tell you countless stories about people who hooked up with someone through their cousins and close friends.

Facebook makes it easy to meet. You can send instant messages to an interested party if you both have mutual friends. Additionally, Facebook has a section where you can discover new profiles that might be old friends from high school. On top of that, the pics on a page are most likely real.

Visit Facebook

8. Instagram – Attractive Young Thots Who Only Want One Night Stands

Instagram really isn’t a dating website but some people use it to find dates nearby. 

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Instagram thots’? 

Yes. Some are willing to fly out the same day to meet someone.

Women like that are always available, and it takes minimal effort if you look like a young Brad Pitt. Just slide in their DMs to work the magic and get it on like Donkey Kong. 

Unfortunately, some people photoshop their photos. When you meet them in real life, there might be several overlapping bellies or protruding pimples and such. 

Hey, it’s part of the game. 

Instagram is definitely an excellent way to get some buns tonight.

Visit Instagram

FAQs for One Night Stand Sites

What is a one night stand?

Does this question really need to be answered? Hey, some people might not know, and I’m here to inform.

A one night stand is non-committed sex with no strings attached. After getting it on, you never hear from the person or ever contact them again. It’s enjoyable for only one night. You can classify this casual encounter as a hit-it-and-quit-it relationship if you will.

What are the risks of having a one night stand?

  • STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Getting robbed
  • Getting found out by your spouse (Ashley Madison) 
  • Accidentally getting pregnant by someone you don’t know

What are the benefits of a one night stand?

  • Sexual gratification 
  • Get the sex with no long terms responsibilities 
  • Passionate sex like never before

Are these one night stand websites free?

Some of these one night websites are free, but they do not produce any quality results. If you head over to Reddit or Craigslist Activities, you can create a post for free, and you can search for potential matches for free. However, you may not know how a person looks, or may need to do some persuasion to get them to show their face on a webcam. Even then, you most likely won’t find anyone who lives near you. 

However, the more premium sites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison are only free to a point on the flipside. You can search for profiles, but any communicative features require credits. Additionally, if you want to get many matches and hookup with the best people, you will eventually need to get a premium account or pay for some credits. These paid one night stand websites are free to roam around but require payment to take things further.

What’s the best one night stand website for women?

All of these are the best one night stand websites for women. Women will generally have no problem meeting a guy who wants to bang her back out for the night. 

All she has to do is make herself available with a public profile. 

How does a man find a one night stand?

  • Don’t be a creep. Don’t emit a stalker vibe or talk about “weird” stuff. Just be yourself, natural, and go with the flow. But make sure the conversation always leads to sex, so she knows your goals.
  • Look your best. You don’t need to photoshop your pictures or anything. Just put your best foot forward. Make sure that your current picture looks somewhat like how you look in real life. Some people will purposefully catfish someone and hope they will overlook that and still have a one night stand. Sorry, but some people do not think like that.

How can I stay safe doing a one night stand?

  • Wrap it up. First things first, if you decide to have sex with a stranger, I beg of you, please be smart enough to wrap it up. You never know what type of STDs are floating around in those bodily fluids. Protect yourself because everyone else will not. Remember this; you cannot trust everyone who uses these one-night hookup apps.
  • Meet in a public place. When it comes to personal safety, you need to meet this person in a public place. A hotel is ideal. People have a habit of going to each other’s houses to bang. Understandable. But that is risky because several thugs could be waiting in the closest with long guns waiting to take your prized possessions. Stay smart.
  • Inform friends and family every step of the way. If you are not cheating with someone’s spouse from Ashley Madison, it would be good to tell your friends and family members where you are going. Text them every time you’re on the move, “We left Mr Chow’s and are heading to Santa Monica.” Therefore, if things go wrong, they have an idea where you are going. Maybe let them follow your phone using GPS apps. Always have an escape plan.

Final Statement for Best One Night Stand Sites

Both parties should know what they are getting into before having a one night stand, so feelings don’t get involved. 

One night stand hookups normally take place online. Some sites produce better results than others. 

If you want a quick, bonafide one night stand then Tinder is your best bet. However, if you need more options because you like to taste different flavors, Adult Friend Finder is good. If you want to use a free site, then Craigslist Activities is best.

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