Derek Williams Is Pioneering The Fitness Industry Through His Training Secrets


Fitness is a booming industry that is here to stay. While other goods and services compete intensely for a finite number of consumer purchases, fitness consumers continue to use a widening array of services, tools, and solutions to help them look, feel, and function better. There is research that shows that the market for health and wellness products and services is growing by 5 to 10 percent per year. The COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many people to isolate at home, has spurred the shift towards personalized at-home workouts, which have made overall wellness more salient. As a matter of fact, forty percent of the general population surveyed now consider wellness a top priority in daily life. While fitness may be growing, the industry trends are constantly evolving, and it is imperative to keep a strong pulse on the market fluctuations. But for prominent fitness expert, Derek Williams, he has proven methods and techniques that help people understand the best ways to achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, he provides guidance to help people create long term habits, instead of short-cut solutions that his competitors offer.

Balancing his time and energy with developing result driven programs and his own personal brand, Mr.1nf1n1ty, Derek explains his long-term commitment to his work-ethic and the way he inspires other people with tailor-made fitness guides that improve not only the way the body functions, but also the mind. His training style is “Strength through Length”, meaning he teaches athletes how to develop strength and power in the full range of motion, allowing people to use a maximum output of these muscles by strengthening their true force. He has created a training program that has changed the lives of many people to this day. Derek sees fitness not only as a source of pleasure, but also a way for him to give back. Many years ago, he had to overcome knee pain, structural imbalances, and stuff joints. His training style has helped him feel better today in his forties than at any other point in his life.

Adding to his list of achievements, Derek works very closely with high-profile athletes and has managed to help them grow their careers through his training programs. His style of training is so unique that it allows one’s body to move as nature intended it to. He carefully crafts his programs to create exercises that bring your body back to balance and weave in weights and flexibility to cultivate power and force. His clients range from old to young athletes, and they arrive at Derek’s gym lethargic, but he has the ability to train them to be pain free and athletic as ever.

Overall, Derek’s training programs are a revolutionary and innovative way to train the human body. Once upon a time, Derek was a pioneer of ATG, but soon realized his calling was to create his own training programs. There are so many competitors who provide gimmicky solutions when it comes to weight loss, but Derek truly has a ground-breaking product that works. Derek’s philosophy on health and training goes beyond just the body. He truly believes that when you intertwine health, fitness, and training principles magic can occur. His programs offer knowledge, daily workouts, form coaching and grading, our personal phone numbers for questions and much more. Additionally, Derek even has a book out called Disrupting Fitness: 4 Paradigm Shifts To Live An Infinity Lifestyle. To learn more about Derek on instagram, visit his page.

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