Dr. Sean Kelishadi Uses Cutting Edge Stem Cell Therapy For His Clients


The discovery of abundant stem cell populations in body fat tissue changed everything the medical community thought it knew about stem cells overnight. Now, stem cell therapies are driving the plastic and cosmetic surgery industries, and demand among patients keeps rising. Over the past decade, plastic surgeons have established safe and convenient ways to remove fat and isolate the stem cells for use in cosmetic procedures. And since stem cells are extracted and reintroduced to the patient’s own body, the risk of rejection that goes with donor stem cells is eliminated. Scores of ongoing clinical trials using stem cells have already proven their safety and efficacy in a variety of applications. Aging therapies using stem cells, for instance, have grown exponentially in popularity. Dr. Sean Kelishadi is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and President of SSK Plastic Surgery located in Newport Beach, CA, but proudly serving the entire Orange County metro area. He specializes in offering plastics, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery services to people who want to improve their body, face, breasts, and skin. Kelishadi has extensive training in medicine and is leading the wave in the adoption of using stem cells treatments for his clients.

As we age, cells become progressively damaged over time from sun, toxins in the environment, and the natural loss of moisture that keeps youthful skin full and wrinkle-free. Stem cells work to regenerate and repair that damaged tissue, and adjunctive treatments can potentially slow down or reverse the aging process. Those cells possess a unique anti-aging effect by means of regenerating and repairing organs—including skin—damaged by environmental elements we are exposed to in our daily life, and by improving immune functions. This discovery has created an international demand for stem cell anti-aging therapies, which since these procedures are non-invasive (no surgery involved), make for a faster recovery and significantly less downtime for patients. Many patients and physicians feel that stem cells also create a more natural appearance for recipients than traditional cosmetic surgery procedures.

UCLA scientists discovered fat and injectables over 17 years ago, and things looked differently ever since. There are many methods to harvest and purify fat before a transfer occurs. Dr. Sean Kelishadi has first-hand experience with working on a team that has developed processing and harvesting kits where virtually anyone can inject fat successfully, and there is no need for any expensive equipment to do it. The kit is called the IntelliFat Injection kit, and Kelishadi has been able to achieve over 95% viability with this method. When you take fat and inject it, it works like a filler. There is a new procedure called Hips to Lips where it sucks the fat out from hips and puts it into someone’s lips. It takes the fat, breaks it down into smaller particles, and injects it under the eye.

Dr. Sean Kelishadi understands the world of tissue engineering and realizes that this technology is still nascent with a lot of room to grow. He is a pioneer in the space and enjoys talking to clients about the benefits and value of using stem cell treatments. To learn more visit Dr. Kelishadi at on instagram @sskkplasticsurg and his website www.sskplasticsurgery.com

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