Marco Laterza on a Holistic Approach to Health and the Covid-19 Pandemic 


Marco Laterza is a holistic health coach, and ex banker, who has made it his mission to help individuals maintain their health throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Early into his health coaching career, Laterza recognized the need for a holistic approach. This is precisely why he emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s mental health as well as one’s physical health.

People can find Laterza’s philosophy and programs by visiting his website or LinkedIn as well as by following him on Instagram.

While many traditional health coaches build a strong career and loyal client base by focusing mainly on physical health, Laterza did not want to fall into that trap. With his cutting edge fitness programs, his sculpted physique, and his client testimonials, Laterza could have easily built a brand and career simply by leveraging his physical health expertise; this is especially true after having graced various fitness magazine covers 21 times.

However Laterza did not want to ignore the value of and need for maintaining mental health.

Mental health coaching has always been a part of Laterza’s mission ever since he left his career as a corporate banker. Laterza has first hand experience with and is privy to the dangers and difficulties people experience while trying to improve as well as maintain their physical and mental health while juggling a fast-paced job and personal responsibilities.

This predicament is, of course, even more prevalent since the onset of Covid-19. The pandemic has had many effects on how we as a society understand our relationship to health. While many people are suffering from physical health issues arising from the pandemic itself as well as from the lifestyle changes we’ve all had to make (working from home, less time outside, et cetera), plenty of people are also suffering from mental health issues arising from these same lifestyle changes. While it is true that society is suffering because of these externalities, it is also true that people have started to understand health more holistically as well as take their health more seriously.

Despite the fact it is almost two years since the pandemic began, people are still suffering from these negative health externalities and will unfortunately continue to suffer as we prepare for another winter. Laterza is able to help both the people who are suffering and the people who want to refocus their commitment to their own health.

Further, this means that Laterza’s physical health as well as mental health coaching skills are more necessary than they were pre-pandemic.

Laterza’s holistic approach and deep understanding of how to maintain as well as improve one’s health while juggling career based and personal responsibilities make the perfect melange for helping people make it through (and even thrive during) another Covid-19 winter.

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