BikData Emerges as Future-Oriented Blockchain Company Revolutionizing the Present


While the foundation of blockchain was established three decades ago in 1991 by pioneers Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta, the technology’s popularity truly took off in 2009 when it became an integral tool in the rise of Bitcoin and its public transactions. Though blockchain has become near ubiquitous in its association with cryptocurrency, many believe the tech to be the future backbone of the digital world, with an expected near quadruple growth in market size from $3 billion in 2020 to $39.7 billion in 2025. At the forefront of its adaption into modern society is BikData, a burgeoning company integrating blockchain technology seamlessly into the business realm for the very first time.

Bikdata was created and founded by Ayman Kabalan, SAP Expert, lead technologist and prominent founder of the musical NFT movement at Ünga, who has been developing business oriented blockchain applications with a real business purpose since 2015. For his part, Bikdata’s COO and newly attributed President Franzua Rudder has helped establish BikData’s prominence in the ERP-to-Blockchain space while scaling and bringing the BikDataX vision to life and fruition. Both EyeMan and Franzua pair the perfect personification of the yin-yang balance, with the two’s expertise fitting together akin to a puzzle.

Through BikData, businesses across the globe are given the opportunity to store their data underneath six-layers of blockchain encryption, the very first platform of its kind to do so. While traditional ERP storage methods are both expensive and burdensome, BikData creates a comprehensive ecosystem that both protects from data breaches and simultaneously allows for its monetization.

“All of these companies have tons of data, which they view as an expense; they don’t understand that it could be an asset,” said Rudder. “We’re bridging that gap, showing companies that they can turn what they perceive as an expense can be turned into an asset and a revenue model. BikData is revolutionizing the industry by changing the perception on how people perceive their own data.”

Indeed, storing large amounts of data is all-together unavoidable for the majority of businesses, who must keep the information on hand in case of an audit or for analytic purposes. With BikData, companies can now utilize this otherwise dust-collecting data for their own profit, without altering their day-to-day practices.

“When we look at innovation and how the world is changing, BikData is instrumental in not just keeping companies afloat, but changing how they look at their entire business,” added Rudder. “We are generating revenue from something that doesn’t impact their operations.”

A key piece of BikData’s success has been its streamlined adoption of multiple blockchain networks instead of being tied down to a specific system, allowing for a personalized approach for each of their clients’ implementation of BikData’s tech into their administration.

“We’re a fully interoperable and cross-platform integrated system, currently built to presently operate across four systems: Binance (BCS), Ethereum, Eos, and Cardano,” revealed Rudder. “The advantage of this is that each network provides different opportunities. No two companies will have the same experience or protocol, and BikData is unique in that we can bring a very a-la-carte approach to our clientele’s’ business solutions.”

While focused on integrating its innovative technology into the present, BikData keeps one eye firmly fixed on the future, allocating portions of the company’s profits to develop science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) hubs in third world countries in an effort to impact and encourage upcoming tech talents.

“We’re going through a technological revolution; everything that’s going on in the world will have to shift to adapt,” said Rudder. “STEM will be integral to that development, and we at BikData believe we can contribute to developing third world countries by working directly with companies in those regions. There, we can develop STEM programs to empower the youth, helping bring forward the next generation of innovation.”

As BikData continues to revolutionize the now, perhaps the company’s pay-it-forward mentality will ultimately produce the next revolutionaries to disrupt the technological world in its wake.

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