How Rob Beardsley Leverages Content Marketing to Raise Capital


Despite Rob Beardsley’s age, the young real estate investor has quickly made a name for himself as the Principal at the highly successful multifamily real estate investment firm, Lone Star Capital, by creating a proprietary underwriting model to analyze potential investments, which has propelled his business to acquire over $100MM of multifamily properties, and by authoring the best selling book, The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions to help further explain the philosophies behind his model to help hundreds of other people find similar success. While Beardsley is proud of these accomplishments, he is intent on continuing to innovate in the space. Most recently, Beardsley has been doubling down on content marketing.

While Beardsley has always understood the value of social media content and content marketing in general, he didn’t immediately understand how to utilize these concepts to help his business specifically. Now, however, Beardsley has found product-market-fit, so to speak, with the variety of content marketing videos he releases on various online platforms. To his pleasant surprise, Beardsley has been able to accumulate more than just views and likes with this venture; Beardsley has been able to source an incredible amount of capital for his real estate investment group simply by releasing content around multifamily real estate investment education and news.

Beardsley has always been interested in innovating new ways to find success in the real estate investment space, even if it meant breaking some old rules. To this effect, Beardsley’s ability to find new ways to raise capital and better compete with more established firms is completely in line with his character.

While Beardsley has found success on various platforms, he has found he connects the most with the LinkedIn community. Not only did Beardsley find that his videos got the most views and likes on LinkedIn, but he also found that this community was most likely to engage on and off the platform, which has led to valuable relationships as well as new investors. The resulting effect on his business has turned out to be indispensable. Beardsley has been able to directly & greatly increase the number of new investors for his firm and he has been better able to solidify himself as a thought leader in the industry.

Beardsley seems to resonate with the LinkedIn community particularly because of his range. Any one of his videos may be a semi-formal educational lesson featuring Beardsley dressed in a suit or it may feature Beardsley on vacation in Mykonos speaking casually about a random thought on the industry. Beardsley is the perfect person to create content around multifamily real estate investment due to his vast knowledge & experience yet young age as well as due to his ability to oscillate between casual & lighthearted content to formal & high-level content.

Most people in the real estate investment space would not dare to release a video unless it was professionally produced. Beardsley believes this is an outdated idea and that the dinosaurs who think this way have been missing out on a golden opportunity, as none of Beardsley’s videos are scripted or edited professionally yet they lead to new, high-conversion, investor pipelines. Beardsley means it when he says, “Cold calling, I think, is dead. If not dead, then just highly ineffective.’

Recently, Beardsley has also made a successful bid to become more vertically integrated into the industry with the launch of his new property management company, Radiance Living.

If you are interested in reading more about Beardsley’s group or his underwriting model, visit their website and check out his book.