50+ Best Chat Lines with Free Trials: Top Phone Chat Numbers (2021)

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Are you tired of conventional dating? It can be expensive and exhausting. Plus, you’re never guaranteed to make a real connection with someone. If you like to flirt but don’t want all the pressure that comes with standard dating, it might be time to give phone chat lines a try!

Phone dating is a modern and easy approach to finding a sexy or romantic partner. They are made for folks who love the art of conversation. Talking to someone on the phone is so much more intimate than swiping through photos or dressing up for a date. You get to know the real person on the other end of the line, not the facade they show the world.

That’s why chat lines are successful. Meaningful conversation is the glue to any relationship. Plus, you don’t have to be looking for anything serious or romantic to call the line. They also cater to those who just want someone sexy to chat with!

Call one of these phone chat numbers to see for yourself. Each one offers a free trial that  ensures you’ll get a great idea what each number is about before paying. It’s a great deal.

Here are the top 12 singles phone chat numbers with the free trial length in paranthesis:

  1. Livelinks – 1-844-609-1065 (60 minutes)
  2. Talk121 – 1-844-825-5121 (30 minutes)
  3. Phone and Flirt – 1-800-381-5455 (5 minutes)
  4. Livetalk – 1-800-444-LIVE (10 minutes)
  5. Desires Chat – 1-888-598-8336 (5 minutes)
  6. Personals – 1-213-687-7675 (30 minutes)
  7. Local Hot Chat – 1-888-710-2625 (5 minutes)
  8. Hot Latinas Chat – 1-800-309-9388 (5 minutes)
  9. Hollar Line – 1-888-650-2223 (5 minutes)
  10. Girls Flirt Free – 1-800-364-4757 (5 minutes)
  11. RedHot Dateline – 1-877-894-8470 (30 minutes)
  12. Howl Line – 1-888-655-6366 (5 minutes)

Here are even more chat lines with free trials:

Moonlight Line: 1-855-677-0538

Local Hot Chat: 1-888-710-2625

Kinky Convo: 1-855-936-KINK

1-800-SEXTALK: 1-800-SEX-TALK

Night Exchange: 1-866-917-8328

1-800-SEX-LINE: 1-800-739-5463

Lover’s Lane: 1-509-876-5930

Adult Talk: 1-833-937-ADULT

Azul Line: 1-888-589-4999

Sexy Live Connections: 1-800-317-4475

Taboo Chat: 1-855-50-TABOO

Exotic Chat Line: 1-888-633-9453

Social Voice USA: 1-844-706-5518

Lavalife Voice: 1-877-800-5282

Adam and Eve Chat: 1-800-278-5181

Latino Phone Chat: 1-888-702-8887

Nightline: 1-877-834-4044

Questchat: 1-888-889-6565

Black Singlez: 1-800-287-3991

Night Exchange: 1-866-917-8328

Español Chat: 1-888-674-8887

College Party Line: 1-888-598-3927

Black Phone Chat: 1-800-319-7277

America’s Hottest Talk Line: 1-206-876-5671

1PartyLine: 1-562-621-1201

Grapevine Personals: 1-250-984-3322

Metrovibe: 1-877-390-6677

TangoPersonals: 1-800-810-8108

MegaMates: 1-866-718-4930

Metrochat: 1-206-876-5675

1-800-DATE-LINE: 1-800-DATE-LINE

Party Lines Uncensored: 1-712-432-4800

1.) Livelinks – 1-844-609-1065

Livelinks has been the big dog of chat lines since the 1990s. If you frequent chat lines, you’ve probably heard of it or even given it a try. Because Livelinks is one of the largest chat lines in North America, it attracts all types of interesting callers. From the hopeless romantics to the flirty folks, you never know who you might meet on this line. The high caller volume separates it from the crowd by fostering various types of relationships and connections. Whether you’re searching for a life partner or just looking to meet singles in the area, you will find them among the plenty of callers over at Livelinks. Because there are so many people to talk to, Livelinks allows you to create a hotlist and save the members who you find interesting. If you have yet to try it out, Livelinks offers a 60-minute free trial for first-timers.

2.) Talk121 – 1-844-825-5121

Talk121 is an intimate chat line where people come to seduce and flirt. It’s one of the best party chat lines available. When you need your fix, Talk121 is where you should turn. There are also deep connections made on this line, so it’s good for long-term relationships too. However, it’s widely understood that Talk121 is mainly for sexy conversation. Talk121 is an older chat line, but it doesn’t feel like you’re going back in time when you dial the number. Everything is completely up to date and modernized. Talk121 is still competition for other party lines and it’s definitely one of the most popular.

3.) Phone And Flirt – 1-800-381-5455

Phone And Flirt attracts a younger rambunctious crowd. With ‘flirt’ in the brand name, it’s clear that Phone And Flirt is one of the more erotic lines. When you’re seeking a casual hookup, Phone And Flirt is a really good place to start. It’s also possible to make friends when calling this line or even fall into a romantic relationship. Fans of this line love how reliable it is and that it always provides a great time. It’s one of the top toll-free singles chat line numbers where callers can choose to remain anonymous if they wish. That’s why we can get over the tiny 5-minute free trial. Want to discreetly flirt with a sexy stranger? Phone And Flirt is the perfect line for you.

4.) Livetalk – 1-800-444-LIVE

Unlike Livelinks, Livetalk hasn’t been around for decades. It’s a line that came out about two years ago. The creators of this line didn’t think most chat lines were reaching their full potential, so they created a line that catered toward strong, genuine connections with deep and intellectual people. Don’t be fooled though, there’s still tons of erotically charged energy on this chat line. You’ll never meet anyone on Livetalk that is a bore or a flake, and the calls tend to heat up very fast. The 10-minute free trial is just enough time to figure out whether or not Livetalk can satisfy your needs. Judging by the numerous positive experiences and happy callers, we’d say that it’s at least worth a shot.

5.) Desires Chat – 1-888-598-8336

At some point, everyone just wants to share their desires with someone. At Desires Chat, you’ve always got someone who is willing to listen to you spill your secrets and dish your fantasies. You can choose to remain anonymous if you want and treat Desires Chat as your sexy confessional. However, it’s also a great way to meet singles in your area who want a hot steamy date. How you choose to use the line is completely up to you. You’ll feel at ease when you call because the vibe at Desires Chat is always judgment-free. Women can enjoy this chat line for free 24/7. The same can’t be said for men, but you’ll be happy with what you paid for!

6.) Personals – 1-213-687-7675

Frankly, the Personals website could really use some work. It’s hard to trust the experience over at a line that looks like it’s stuck in the stone age. But we know that despite its misgivings, Personals is a fantastic chat line that blows many others out of the water. Crappy branding aside, Personals will allow you to connect with local singles or folks across the nation. They are very effective in fostering genuine connections with people you’ll feel lucky to have met. That said, you’ll have to take our word for it because the 5-minute free trial isn’t enough time to get a real feel for the line.

7.) Local Hot Chat – 1-888-710-2625

Unlike some other phone chat numbers, Local Hot Chat won’t connect you with someone who isn’t in your area. The entire point of the line is to connect singles who live near each other so that they can eventually meet up for a frisky good time. Local Hot Chat dubbs itself as a free chat line, which is true for women and new callers (for the first five minutes). Before calling, you should prepare yourself for the erotic conversations that take place at Local Hot Chat. Callers are rarely shy about their kinks and fantasies. You can also be sure that you’re talking to a real person at Local Hot Chat. There are no fakes, actresses, or operators who run the line. You’ll be having private phone chat with a living, breathing hot local who genuinely wants your company.

8.) Hot Latinas Chat – 1-800-309-9388

As far as Latin chat lines go, Hot Latinas Chat is the winner. Latin lines are often geared towards Latin men and women who want to connect, but Hot Latinas Chat is available for anyone hoping to talk to a gorgeous Latina. It also uniquely offers video chat through the site. On this Latin line, you will find callers who are unafraid to bring out their wild and tantalizing side. This is not a line for anyone who is easily offended or prude. It’s a very sexually open safe zone where people come to take the edge off a little bit. It’s a road that many people are excited to go down. If you are looking for a little extra sizzle in your life, give Hot Latinas Chat a test drive.

9.) Hollar Line – 1-888-650-2223

Hollar Line advertises itself as a Black chat line or a line for multinational singles. It’s clear from the jump that Hollar Line is meant to be fun, lighthearted, and very flirty. Romantic connections sometimes happen, but not as often as erotic ones. Hollar Line is the discreet phone chat number that will never hit you with a hidden fee or secret charge. Everything is extremely transparent in terms of pricing and women always get to chat for free. It gives you an opportunity to instantly connect with someone who is like-minded at any point of the day or night as it operates 24/7! It won’t make you sign up for a membership, but it will take you through a quick and painless registration process.

10.) Girls Flirt Free – 1-800-364-4757

Chat lines are usually advertised to men. Well, Girls Flirt Free thinks that’s a little archaic, and we’d have to agree. Who says that women don’t want to be shown what chat lines have to offer? Girls Flirt Free is the free chat line where women can come to find sexy men to chat with. Both women and men love this line because it takes sexy and romantic connections seriously. They are also known for having a very responsive customer service team, should you ever need to voice a concern.

11.) RedHot Dateline – 1-877-894-8470

Secure, discreet, and untamed. This is all true on RedHot Dateline. This is the go-to line for those in search of a hot date with a real person (there are no paid operators on RedHot Dateline). RedHot encourages the callers to let loose and uncensored themselves. It’s built for instant hot connections between folks who want to remain discreet. There’s never a need to disclose your personal information or even your real name. Many people who call RedHot do so anonymously. It’s an erotic phone experience unlike any other. The connections on this line are always exciting and full of sexy surprises. While it’s not all that conducive to long-term relationships, it sure makes phone dating hot and fun. New callers get 30 minutes of free phone chat.

12.) Howl Line – 1-888-655-6366

Howl Line calls itself the wildest chat line in the world. It’s a huge claim to make, but so far we don’t have any reason to discredit it! It really is a joyride and the callers never hold anything back. It’s pure, unadulterated flirting at its finest. It’s the perfect line to call when you are bored, at home, and in the mood for something kinky. For ladies, this is a free phone chat line. Others will be able to enjoy a free trial, but there’s no doubt you’re going to want to spend a great deal of time on this exciting naughty chat line. However, keep in mind that those minutes will eventually add up! The line makes confidentiality a priority, so there’s nothing to worry about there. Discreetly have all the erotic fun you can handle when you call Howl Line.

Chat Lines 101

How Do Chat Lines Work?

Chat lines are pretty straightforward and many of them work the same. Usually, you will dial the chat line phone number and be prompted to record a greeting or a voice message detailing who you are and what you’re about. Next, you will be able to hear other people’s greetings. When you like someone, try connecting through private chat, leaving them a message, or adding them to your favorites. Things move fairly quickly on these chat lines and if you’re not feeling the vibe of the phone date, you can always end it and move on to the next one! 

What Is An Adult Phone Date?

Adult phone dates are like regular dates, but they take place over the phone! It’s a fantastic alternative because it takes all the stress and pressure out of regular dating and allows you to focus solely on the connection you have. Your hair doesn’t have to be perfect and your tie doesn’t have to be straight. In fact, you can be wearing pajamas if you want to! You also don’t have to worry about paying for an expensive dinner or cocktails. 

Can I Save People I Am Interested In?

Most lines will allow you to save other members into your ‘Favorites.’ This is basically a place where you store folks you’re interested in talking to at a later date. If you had a really great chat line date with someone, you can add them to your ‘Favorites.’ The next time they are online, you will be notified so that you can catch up with them again! It’s a great way to strengthen your bond with someone you’ve met through a chat line.

What’s The Difference Between a Singles Line And a Party Line?

These days, many lines are a combination of a singles line and a party line. Singles lines are more for serious daters who want to fall in love. Party lines, on the other hand, are lines that are more erotically charged. Because so many people are calling chat lines these days, there’s a good chance that you can find either on nearly any line you call. 

What’s a Chat Line Greeting?

Think of your greeting like your recorded voice profile. Instead of photos and a bio, you get to introduce yourself to other members with a great greeting. It offers you a chance to briefly show someone your personality and describe your ideal phone date. The system will tell you to state your name first before you record the greeting. We suggest using a nickname rather than your real name.

Are Chat Lines Free?

Free chat lines are out there. Usually, women won’t get charged. This is because statistically, male callers usually outnumber female callers. To make the ratio better, lines won’t charge the ladies. As for other callers, free chat lines exist but are not nearly as good as the ones you pay for. That’s just unfortunately the truth. However, almost all lines offer a free trial which you can take full advantage of! Livelinks offers an entire hour for free!

What Happens After The Free Trial?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Once you use up your free trial at one line, you can move onto the free trial at another line! It’s a hack that the phone chat companies don’t want you to know, but there’s nothing stopping you! However, when you find the line that you really like and you’re done with the free trial, you will need to pay for your time. These charges are usually not too hard on your wallet.

Chat Line Safety Tips

Most phone chat brands make your safety their top priority. They won’t ask you for any information during your trial and will encourage you to use a nickname while you are on the line. Security is taken very seriously on nearly all chat lines.

However, while flirting is fun, it also puts you in a compromising position. When you’re putting your heart out there, you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable. There are shady people who know this and are looking to take advantage of you. In order to avoid that, keep these 2 safety tips in mind:

  1. Never Share Private Information: There will never be a reason why your private information should be shared with someone you meet on a chat line. This goes for your address, full name, banking information, or anything that could reveal your identity to them. If they ask for any of that, it’s a huge red flag and you should block and report that person.
  2. Keep Meetings Safe: You will likely meet someone on a chat line that you really click with. Naturally, you’ll want to take the relationship to the next level by meeting in real life. While this is awesome and why chat lines connect local singles, it also could be dangerous. Always meet in public places, watch your drink at all time, and keep your guard up.