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Video Director Nilladriz Launches His Online Publication “Brev Magazine”


From shooting behind-the-scenes footage on other director’s sets, to leading entire productions on his own, 21-year old video director Brad Dervishaj or more commonly recognized under his alias online as “Nilladriz”, continues to take big steps as an entrepreneur. The college dropout goes on to explain how a lot of his time over the past year has gone into building his new online publication, Brev Magazine. “We’ve been working tirelessly building this publication over the course of the past 11 months. Brev will be the launching pad for many upcoming projects and ventures to come” Dervishaj states.

Brev Magazine is a pop-culture digital publication built to keep consumers informed daily, in a more filtered and refined read of everything truly relevant in modern culture. Many publications have become diluted and turned into advertisement hubs for brands to push products. From the annoying pop-up ads to the written content itself. Brev Magazine looks to provide a completely opposite experience. “Seeing the shift in people’s attention span post-COVID and seeing how successful other platforms were that were centered around shorter form content we knew short was the way to go”, he explains. The magazine’s name comes from the word Brevity, meaning shortness of time. Its mission is to cover the discussion currently being had.

Following the success of his own marketing and management agency Oeuvre Media, which functions as a machine for brands, companies, and businesses alike to expand their presence online. Over time the young videographer looked to take on fewer clients and begin building his own branded entities rather than others. “It’s all about ownership. Once I realized how much value I was actually bringing to these businesses, and then I considered their growth over time working with me. I just knew I was ready to take on fewer clients and start building some serious IP of my own”, stated Nilladriz. “I’m something we’ve seen a lot of other influencers and business personnel begin to pursue as of recently.”

In just 10 months since the publication’s true conception, Brev Magazine has accumulated over 400,000 followers on Instagram and is already ranking in the top 3,000 websites in the United States via Amazon’s Alexa Website Ranker. The now serial entrepreneur looks to expand the current state of the magazine and eventually introduce feature stories with accomplished individuals amongst various industries. “Athletes, Musicians, Influencers, people who make the world better and more”, are amongst the examples that Dervishaj shared when we asked for who would be featured.

To learn more about Brev Magazine, visit the official website and Instagram page.



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