Alloysius (AJ) Lloyd on Technology and the Future


Alloysius (AJ) Lloyd is a millennial philanthropic investor, a leader in the Regenerative Development, co-founder of Kiji Ventures, and owner of an original Warhol utilizing cutting-edge technology to make a difference. As a previous technical advisor for an unnamed African country and with his wide breadth of experience in technology, art, finance, & social impact, Lloyd is intent on leaving his mark, inspiring the youth, and on making a difference. Especially since Lloyd had a formative childhood experience growing up in poverty, Lloyd knows how important it is to help bridge a better future for marginalized people and their children.

Lloyd personally knows how the power technology can help individuals rise out of poverty and reach their full potential. This is partially why Lloyd has consistently invested in innovative technology and is a part of the Regenerative Development movement intent on creating a more equitable and safe future.

Lloyd’s newest inventive idea is to utilize NFT technology to turn his original Warhol into a vehicle for helping children. Lloyd hopes to work in partnership with the Warhol Foundation or any large brand or hotel in order to facilitate the creation of the NFTs and donate the proceeds to marginalized children. With this NFT project, Lloyd not only intends to help make a difference, but he also intends to help normalize the merging of artistic projects with philanthropy. Lloyd is clearly intent on utilizing all of his resources across technology, art, finance, and social impact to improve the conditions for people who need it.

Beyond NFT technology, Lloyd is using the connections he has made in the tech, art, finance, and social impact worlds living in Paris, Tokyo, London, Seoul, Singapore, & Geneva as well as the network he has grown running an eight-figure international business in order to drive innovation and charitable efforts using the most cutting edge technology; Lloyd has worked in quantum computing, cloud-based architecture, artificial intelligence, and autonomous and decentralized systems.

Lloyd’s passion for using innovative technology to make a difference, as well as make money for his venture firm, is also why he is deeply involved in the Regenerative Development Movement. Lloyd was named one of the top 100 voices in the field and was recently featured by UNICEF’s partnership with Gucci for his work along with Wilson Oryema.

Clearly, A.J. Lloyd is a man on a mission; his ability to utilize his experiences, his creativity, his financial prowess, and new technology in order to help the world holistically and to give marginalized individuals more opportunities is unparalleled. Lloyd believes that the work he and his partners are doing at Kiji Ventures and in the Regenerative Development Movement will make the type of meaningful impact that the Sustainability Movement and Millennial Development Goals attempted to, but could never fully actualize.