Harrison Baum’s Unexpected Path to Entrepreneurship And How He Got His Company to Acquisition 


We are living with more choices than ever before, from Netflix’s packed feed to an abundance of dining options, nearly every decision we make comes out of an access of choice. This phenomenon has only exacerbated the already difficult task of figuring out a career path. And while most people air on the side of caution and opt for steady and safe vocations, a select few take on the challenge of going against the crowd and down the “path less traveled,” aka entrepreneurship. The appeal of this route is a mixture of high-risk high-reward and the added perk of being one’s own boss; some actively pursue this, while others fall into it. Harrison Baum, a successful serial entrepreneur, found himself on the latter side shortly after college.

Having studied Economics Baum did not anticipate the unique turn his career would take just two years after getting out of college. Although he did develop an impressive side hustle during school, which he called OnCampus Repairs, fixing broken iPhones proved to lack scaling potential. As a man of many talents Baum got into comedy around the same time, and even made it as a finalist on the TBS National College Comedy Competition for college students. The hobby is part of his life to this day, adding to his multi-dimensionality. Taking risks in these very different fields helped shape and inspire Baum towards his next venture, which would ultimately become his golden ticket.

During his first post-graduation job at Vistaprint, Baum was introduced to the subscription model, which was booming around this time in multiple industries. That’s when he had his “aha” moment, and The Daily High Club was born. Operating on a membership basis, the company followed the subscription trend all the way to becoming a leader in its space. Baum’s ability to think outside the  box and capitalize on the latest trends has led to the company being acquired for $10 million by publicly traded High Tide. In spite of the buyout, Baum will remain involved in the business in a marketing-focused role. Given that The Daily High Club experienced incredible growth and received high praise from leaders in the market due to Baum’s leadership, his next venture will likely follow the same trajectory. “It’s better to have tried and failed, than to miss out on living an extraordinary life,” says Baum. With a mantra like that leading the way there’s no stopping the young entrepreneur in his journey to the top.

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