For Crypto Sustainability, Look No Further Than Andrew Parry’s BTC Mine Australia


As the cryptocurrency economy continues to grow at a breakneck pace, the environmental harm produced by blockchain production waste will also continue to rise.

Already brazenly inefficient, environmentalists have pegged bitcoin mining as one of the most critical areas due for a production rehaul.

Of course, the risk, reward factor in this market segment has attracted a lot of attention, especially from investors betting on the sustainability of the crypto markets.

Enter BTC Mine Au, a nimble player in the blockchain mining space that has taken it upon itself to reduce bitcoin’s ecological footprint. Established in Australia by forward-looking entrepreneur Andrew Parry, BTC Mine AU has introduced a cutting edge technology solution- powered by its Zepro 90TI multicoin rehashing machine- which mines bitcoin at record efficiency.

In just the past 12 months, Parry has grown BTC Mine by over 300% and- at BTC”s current rate of market adoption- it won’t be long the ZEPRO 90TI becomes the market standard for bitcoin mining efficiency.