Kaye Bassey Goes Viral in Times Square In New Express Campaign


These days, as the online world of social media has become an extension of our lives, the marketing industry has evolved exponentially, with the advancements of technology. As sharing is now the norm, marketing campaigns now enlist relatable, engaging influencers to market brands and products. But with social media now inundating society and influencers a dime a dozen, finding the right content creator who will meet a brand’s criteria can be difficult. For emerging influencer Kaye Bassey, authenticity is at the core of everything she does and creates and thanks to this, she recently partnered up with Express to collaborate on a major fashion opportunity.

Known for its flashing lights and huge billboard screens, New York City’s Times Square is also known as an advertising mecca. This past summer, Kaye and Express came together to create a mega campaign that would play throughout Times Square to promote their chic summer line. Taglines from the campaign included “How will you celebrate summer?’

“Working at Express was amazing, I didn’t have a lot of experience working in clothing stores, but as an International Business major with two other part time jobs, I earned the trust and was given the opportunity to work at this store,” Bassey says. “I love clothing and helping people style full looks. I also enjoy being social, so this was the perfect job for me at the time”.

But what makes Kaye’s content especially unique and yet equally genuine, is in how she got into influencing. Despite never having planned to transition into a full-time career as a content creator, Kaye was met with incomparable opportunities having been able to work with brands like Nordstrom, Pantene, Sephora, Net-A-Porter, Revolve, Thierry Mugler and more. Holding true to herself and her brand, Kaye has been the perfect fit for many brands that seek an organic, genuine creator to share their products. While many influencers these days can come across as promotional or gimmicky, Kaye continues to create refreshing content that is relatable and authentic—something brands and people can get behind.

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