David S. Chung runs Nightclubs that Focus on Luxury Experiences


The nightclub business is not an easy one to master. There are permits, licenses, and bureaucracies to manage.  It takes a tremendous amount of attention to create a brand that sizzles with consumers.  Although outside observers may think that running a nightclub should be as easy as pouring drinks and plugging in Apple music or Spotify, many more factors go into creating a successful night spot. If you’re lucky enough to succeed, then you have to keep tabs on staying relevant and keeping your fingers on the pulse of what people want in the face of stiff competition. David Chung understands first-hand the dedication and effort that goes into running an outstanding nightclub.

David Chung is a former practicing Korean-American attorney who now operates several of Washington D.C.’s most in-demand and exclusive nightclubs, offering a unique background for a mogul in the nightlife industry. Chung operates two major clubs in Washington D.C.: Saint Yves and Abigail.

His approach to cultivating a positive experience is straightforward: beautiful venues that connect the right people with first class entertainment. His venues separate themselves from the competition, not just in scale but also in the overall vibe and direction that Chung has chosen to take. The music and big name celebrities that fly into D.C. to attend his venues is refreshing. Additionally, Chung understands first-hand how important it is to maintain a gold standard. He spends countless hours training his amazing staff and curating the best service by enabling a no shortcut policy. Chung hires the best, most gregarious people and gives them the right tools to do their job right.

Through creating an unforgettable experience, Chung brings back repeat customers, making his establishments a sought out place for Hollywood celebrities, A list musicians, NBA stars and America’s most prominent political figures who happen to also work in town.  In the sports space, NBA champions such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Air Jordan himself have attended Chung’s venues to commemorate a victory.  Additionally, political figures such as Kamala Harris and Barack Obama have sought out Chung’s event-throwing expertise to construct elegant fundraising events. Moreover, entertainment shows such as The Real Housewives of Potomac filmed their season finale at Abigail. To make matters more interesting, George Clooney’s favorite place was Chung’s K street lounge. In the music realm, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, Tyga, Torey Lanez, 2Chainz, Gunna and DaBaby have come to Chung’s venues to create enthralling experiences for guests.

Maintaining the gold standard has allowed Chung’s businesses to survive global economic crises and pandemics:  the financial collapse of 2008 and COVID-19 to name a few. He has adapted his business by keeping a strong pulse on market trends and ever-changing consumer demands. By hiring the right people, Chung has created businesses that have weathered the storm. He offloads tasks such as social media marketing and campaigns to people who have specific knowledge in that industry, which makes it easier for Chung to focus on higher level strategic items. A unique proposition of Chung’s club environment is that he runs it like a law firm: all communication is sent via email, policies are enacted across venues, accountability is taken seriously, and employees feel as though they have a meaningful job.  Ironically, many on his staff make more than the young lawyers at his old law firm.

Chung’s night clubs have a style of providing high-energy events, along with a positive crowd. His nightclubs have a strong concept that is well received. In return, the popularity and positive experience has helped Chung create a long-lasting business, regardless of what his competition is doing.

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