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How Dr. William Soliman Built His Success From the Bottom Up


The founder and CEO of the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA), Dr. William Soliman, appears on TV regularly as a pharmaceutical industry expert. He’s a first-generation Egyptian-American whose parents moved to Jersey City in New Jersey many years ago to find a better life. Under his leadership, ACMA has grown to have operations in more than 80 countries, as he wants the company to be globally oriented.

The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs provides technical solutions for affairs in the medical field as well as in the medical science liaison space. ACMA is known for developing the first-ever board certification for medical affairs professionals and MSLs all over the world. In addition, the company assists pharmaceutical companies in staying compliant with policies and regulations with their compliance training programs.

As the leader of ACMA, Dr. Soliman uses his many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver what the company’s clients need. He was also a medical science liaison before getting into management consulting, where he uncovered the needs of the industry. Dr. Soliman realized that there’s no set of standards in the medical science liaison and medical affairs professional training in many areas.

Dr. Soliman was able to bring ACMA to massive fame and success by speaking about his company at the U.S. Congress Health Subcommittee. At the same event, he stressed the importance of standards for certification of medical affairs and medical science liaison professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. As a game-changer in the medical industry, ACMA became the top Life Sciences Exemplary Trainer in 2020.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Soliman enjoys building things up, and this is how he grew ACMA into what it is today. He loves helping people, so he values his company as it allows him to touch lives and feel fulfilled. He sees himself heading ACMA for more years to come as he still has many dreams for the company in the long run. Through ACMA, he has helped countless people build up their own companies and help others.

Dr. Soliman has given over $500,000 worth of scholarships to thousands of medical practitioners online through ACMA. They have also collaborated with the University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy, where they give out scholarships to various students training to become pharmacy graduates. Dr. Soliman hopes to see more of the youth getting into the pharmaceutical industry, so he uses his company to make this happen.

Through ACMA, Dr. Soliman materializes his goal of helping people in the medical field grow professionally by giving them further quality education. By doing this, he ensures that his company helps elevate the standard and quality of the services in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Soliman and ACMA have their own share of critics, but he chooses to focus on helping others and the entire medical field.

Interested individuals and businesses can connect with Dr. Soliman and ACMA through their various social media pages. You can check them out via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to learn more about what the company can do for you. Dr. Soliman has high hopes for the pharmaceutical industry’s future, and through ACMA, he sees so much promise for the profession.

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